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  1. No, the word on the street is they are dealing with the DCF cases and DQ cases that were already there They haven’t opened up appts to NVC yet that was the last update
  2. If they are calling the Embassy to schedule they are expedite. Your case is at NVC that’s correct. They will schedule you when the Embassy releases appts yes DQ and Cade complete are the same thing
  3. I’m sure there will have been nothing is 100% until the CO says approved. Did you have to take photos or do they do them there now?
  4. You misunderstand, the whole situation is Bs. I wasn’t stating your information or source was Bs. I thought we were allowed to think out loud. I was venting and trying to make sense of the whole thing. as I’ve said before if the Embassy was a little more up front they’d reduce calls to them and so one it wasn’t a personal attack 🙃
  5. You’ve got a 50/50 chance so why not try. Seeing the news they havent even opened up appt slots to NVC, I think I’m going to request our expedite be sent through -we got a conditional in March saying once they resume normal operations they would accept it. I’ll give it til Monday then email
  6. But the numbers of you guys who did DCF can’t be massive right? Again it comes down to them telling us what’s going on. If we know how they are clearing and allocating it takes a lot of “what ifs” away and there the mental stress we are all feeling think we need a group bug from a distance obvs
  7. That’s pure BS.there can’t be that many at the embassy. Someone posted stats and IV visas are in the minority. Doesn’t make sense. Unless they are taking the 3 weeks to clear the student visa backlog
  8. Not that I’ve seen on the uk thread 🥺 waiting not so patiently
  9. Question is how long do we give it? My husband isn’t chasing this ( a whole other story) I could in theory email nvc and request they send my case as I have a conditional expedite but I was trying to be patient and reasonable. I’m off work now until September. Ideally wanted to do the medical at least while I was off anyway. Urgh. They all need to be on the same page. And give a straight story
  10. How completely and utterly infuriating
  11. Absolutely nothing BUT ”normally” they schedule the last two days/first two days of the month from what I’ve read
  12. Ok so it’s the 27th hopefully we start hearing of interviews filtering through in the next couple of days
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