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  1. Congrats @AndrewPatters Very happy for you and your family! It's been a long wait for us F2B folks. Glad to see things progressing in this category in Montreal.
  2. Good morning everyone. Also received my Interview Appointment Letter today for Montreal. Category is F2B Priority Date is May 31, 2012 Case Complete Date is Feb 6, 2019 Interview Appointment Letter received on Nov 22, 2019 Interview Scheduled for Dec 16, 2019
  3. I found this article last month after doing some research on the topic. (delays with consular processing through Montreal) https://www.gands.com/knowledge-centre/blog-post/insights/2019/10/16/border-and-consular-updates-for-u.s.-fiscal-year-2019 Interesting point can be found at the bottom: "The other key development that has been a significant burden are the delays with processing of permanent resident applications through the U.S. Consular Services. We have been seeing delays via the National Service Center transfers of cases to the Immigrant Visa Unit at the U.S. consulate in Montreal. Those delays can be between 3-5 months. We hope to start to see those delays clear, but unfortunately there is very little insight available on the process and the cause of the delays. Therefore, we have to continue to monitor. "
  4. Could I be added to this list? My category is F2B. My CC date is Feb 6, 2019. Priority date is May 31, 2012. Montreal Consulate.
  5. Hi Everyone, You can add me to the list as well. My category is F2B. Priority Date is May, 31, 2012 Case Complete since Feb 6, 2019 Consulate: Montreal Interview Date: TBD
  6. Hi @Matt2019 I'm in a very similar situation. Case complete at Montreal on Feb 6 and have been waiting for interview appointment. My category is F2B. Unfortunately, you're not alone. Montreal is quite backlogged at the moment. Hang in there!
  7. Thanks. Seems odd that you couldn't switch back. But I suppose if both categories are current, there is likely no benefit to moving back to F1. Yes, I was able to opt out of F1 with written approval from USCIS. It was a bit of a process, with little clear information formally available. Luckily, there was several Visa Journey posts that explained the process.
  8. Likely at this time your best advice is to delay the process till your baby is born. You may not have anytime between then and now to have an earlier interview.
  9. I'm also waiting for Montreal. But for family visa. Would love to connect with other Canadians for country specific updates.
  10. I've been playing around with this link today for Montreal and have not been able to find any combinations that work out correctly.
  11. Hi Everyone, I have a question for the group.... hoping to get some opinions / feedback. I was originally sponsored for family visa under the F2B category (Unmarried son & daughter of Permanent Resident) in 2012. My priority date (4/31/12) became current in Mar 2019. My family sponsor became a United States Citizen in Feb 2019 and I was automatically moved to F1 category, but had made a request to keep in the F2B category under Section 6 of the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) because the priority date in the F2B category was further along than F1. I have submitted all information to NVC and became Documentary Qualified for Embassy Interview on 2/6/2019 and have been waiting since for an interview to be scheduled. (Montreal, Canada Embassy) My priority date has since become "current" for the F1 category with the August '19 Visa Bulletin, and I'm wondering if it would make any sense at this point to see to change category again back to F1 in order to expedite my process. I'm just wondering if getting an interview scheduled will be quicker under the F1 category as compared to the F2B category. Any opinions / feedback would be most appreciated.
  12. Hi @AndrewPatters I'm also Canadian waiting for Montreal interview under F2B / F24 category. My case was complete on Feb 6 and priority date current as of March visa bulletin (5/31/2012) Nice to have another F2B Canadian to relate to
  13. I've also been waiting for interview to be scheduled at Montreal since early Feb (case complete) My category is different... F2B. My priority date has been current since Mar. I've just submitted a request to local Congressman & Senator asking for support. I read about doing something like that here and figured it couldn't hurt. Both have been supportive and engaging so far, but have added they will likely not be able to support with interview scheduling delays at the consulate level. Good luck to any of you in a similar scenario.
  14. Thanks @Crazybell looks like we're in the same boat. And just to confirm.. is your priority date current for your category?
  15. Anyone in Canada had interviews schedule for May at Montreal Consulate? I've been CC since Feb 6, 2019 and still no notice of interview. Priority Date is May, 31, 2012. Visa Category F2B (Current)
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