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  1. We are in AP too Hopefully everything moves along quickly!
  2. Are you guys in "Administrative Processing" right now, or does it say "Application Received" on the CEAC website?
  3. She just asked some general questions like how we met, she asked me where I lived and what I do for work, and she asked my fiance how old he is and a few other things I really can't remember. It was honestly like five minutes and so stress free, it was beautiful! How was it??
  4. We just did our interview today! Try to get in like no later than 7 (that's when we got there and the line behind us was crazy). Don't bring your phone unless you wanna spend 500rub to stow your phone in a van across the street. We were in at 8:00 and out by 8:40, but we were also the first or second K1 case today. The lady collecting documents was very sweet and didn't ask for as much as we were prepared for. Also, the interview was quick and easy and the woman was really sweet! She spoke English to me and Russian to my fiance We left approved and very, very happy! Good luck!
  5. The number my fiancé called was 8(800)100-25-54. Hope this helps!
  6. My fiance and I were lucky enough to get an appointment next week, but we had a lockout two times! It was so unbelievably frustrating. I would advise against checking the website at all and just calling them. One of the operators my fiance talked to was really nice and she said he could call to continue to check the availability. Just try to stay off the website at all costs. My fiance tried to log in one time after the first lockout and it immediately locked him out again.
  7. Hey guys, My cause is en route to the Moscow Embassy as of yesterday’s shipment and I just had a question about the letter of employment. My uncle is going to be my cosponsor who makes well above the poverty level, but he lives in a different state. My mom recently visited him and gathered his tax transcripts, w2 from last year, a scan of his passport, etc, but didn’t get a letter of employment or bank statements. He currently works and has money every year from being ex-military and I have proof of that in the form of w-2. Do you think this will be an issue for the Moscow Embassy? Have any of you gone without letters of employment? thanks!
  8. In transit this morning too! Woo! My fiancé and I are so excited
  9. I did that a while ago and have been looking at it a lot very much and it's incredibly helpful, thank you.
  10. Got our case number from the NVC yesterday after waiting a whole hour and 5 minutes listening to that horrible music, but soooooo worth the wait! Gathering from reading the past posts in the thread, the next ship date is the 20th?
  11. NOA1 - 04.22.2019 NOA2 - 07.17.2019 Notified via the old website!!! So excited!! Was lucky enough to be with my fiancé when I saw the website was updated! So so so thrilled
  12. Hey there, I have been searching the forum but can't find the exact answer to fit my situation. I currently do not meet the income requirements, so I will have my mom be my co-sponsor. The situation at hand is that her and my dad file taxes jointly and they run their own business together. The issue is that business has gone way down and my mom's income at this point is pretty much non-existent. She has all of her tax paperwork for the past four years which is nearly double the 100% mark of the poverty guideline. Do you think this will be sufficient as well as bank statements even though she doesn't have current income? I am definitely worried.
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