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  1. have your case been updated because i am kinda on thesame boat as you.

    1. Ebose



      It updated yesterday being the 10th. I picked up today

    2. coforever


      oh wow congrats, how was the status update because mine was updated twice and was in administrative processing, it was updated again yesterday to application received, is this familiar?

    3. coforever


      yesterday was 13th,

  2. Hello greenbaum, Thank you for your help. I interviewed for k1 visa In Lagos Nigeria exactly 2 weeks ago and I was approved. I am tracking my passport with website but it still says passport is with embassy. I'm supposed to travel in 2 days. What do i do. I don't know who to call. Must the whole process be this tiring
  3. Congratulation 

  4. Congrats on your approval

  5. The earliest interview date is 28th January 2020.😔😔 Is it possible to get an earlier date?
  6. Wow i did not know, i got my case number since last month but have been waiting for Lagos consulate to send me text message. I'll proceed to book. Any info regarding medicals
  7. After waiting 7 weeks, we got a message in our mailbox that we were approved and been transferred to NVC I thank God.. So we just wait and believe
  8. Hi @greenbaum please i need your help, see attached. I just got this message on the RFE required. Kindly advice how this letter should be drafted. Also advice if they have to be signed in the court. Thank you.
  9. Today is a sad day for me. Everyone is receiving NOA2 but i got a request for additional evidence. We were told they will send us the list of RFE before August 2nd. When will i get approved and how long will it take for them to accept our evidence.
  10. Hi AlinaJack, We hope for the best. I have very strong instincts that our interview date will be sometime in September. Lets keep the fire alive. We deserve to be with who we love. Cheers.
  11. Hi People, I filed and received NOA1 on the 24th of April. I await their response. I hope this goes fast in Nigeria.
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