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  1. My wife and I got married March 13th in a k1. We literally sent our AOS this morning. I’m assuming our AOS will be delayed but hopefully it doesn’t effect her being here since She’s already been here since beginning of March
  2. Hey y'all. My fiance and I had our Interview Nov 20. We brought the wrong type of Police Certificate which if I'm not mistaken looks like we haven't been the only ones to have done this. We were issued a white 221g requesting we send in the proper police certificate and her passport. We went back home from Montreal to Vancouver to get the Fingerprint based PC. We sent it in and they received it Dec 13. We are in AP now on CEAC and it has been updated one time. Everywhere says usually 6-8 weeks is the general time frame for an issue of the visa. Just posting this to see if anyone else has gone through this and how long it took them. I know every case is different, just trying to reach out and get some hope about it. Also seeing if anyone has ever gone through the process of requesting the passport back for travel and if that pauses your processing. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
  3. I did send the P3 stuff(passport scan, ds-160 confirmation, and check list) last night so I’ll hopefully here back after the weekend. Ceac says ready. I’m just curious as to why they told me to make the interview right after on the same call we did the ds160. Not that it matters at this point just frustrated and venting because it felt so close and now it’s potentially not as close.
  4. Well and I think I should have included this and elaborated: we had some issues with the nvc receiving our paperwork late. When we finally heard they were sending it to the embassy we called the embassy right away because we just wanted to be on top of things. And my fiancé is here visiting till next week and when they sent packet 3 it was sent to her Canadian address so we didn’t see it. So when we called we called the embassy direct asking us what to do next they said file ds-160 and had us call 438 793 1947 i spoke to a woman asked her if they had received our paperwork from the nvc. So then she said you need to do your ds-160 so you can schedule an interview which is what we did on the phone. I’m just confused why she’d tell me to make the interview because realistically the ds-160 is required for packet 3 and with that being said, P3 would need to be done before getting P4 to submit an interview. So Last night we got some reason looked at the picture of P3 her mom sent and noticed we didn’t do it, because when she sent the picture I’m dumb and just skimmed it and thought it was basically just them saying we got your paperwork do the ds160. So my hope is hopefully we find out next week if we get packet 3 back and then packet 4 because looking at everyone’s timeline it looks like a quick turn around and maybe we can just keep our same appointment? Idk it also says not to make an appointment(which we did) it also says any unauthorized appts will be canceled. So rn were idling by to figure out what’s next so we can either go November 20th or cancel our plane tickets and regroup
  5. You are probably right. I guess the issue is that Packet 3 says not to make an interview before sending it and we did because we didn't see Packet 3 until now. Idk tbh I'm nervous I didn't explain it well enough because as you can tell in the post above I'm a rambler. I'm just afraid that because we didn't get Packet 4 but already have an interview we are gonna show up all the way to Montreal and they are gonna say "you did this wrong. sorry."
  6. Hello everyone! My fiance and I currently doing a K-1. She is from Van, BC and I am from Idaho. We got an email from the NVC saying our case was being forwarded to the Embassy in Montreal. She has been here visiting for a minute. We called after getting that email and asked what we should do next. We told them what our email said. We were then told by the embassy person to file a DS-160 which we did while on the phone and then she also told us to schedule an interview basically right after filling it out. This was September 18thish? We called a few days later to make a medical exam in Surrey, BC. So last night(a month later) we were at Fedex printing a bunch of stuff out to get ready for the interview which is on November 20th. Going through some pictures her mom had sent of the mail, we noticed we missed the 2 page packet 3. So here is the issue: We already have an interview which is what the embassy told us to do. But packet 3 or whatever the two page thing they sent us says not to set it up until you get packet 4 after submitting packet 3? We submitted packet 3 right away sending her passport photo copy, the checklist, and the DS-160 confirmation last night. I've been up all night freaking out because I feel like this seems obviously like a big mistake on my part. I called the embassy this morning explaining what happened, but they just said the interview is good to go but also they didn't really know anything other than that. SORRY FOR THE NOVEL CEAC says NO Status under the AA case number check but Immigrant status when I put the MTL number in shows ready so Idk. If anyone could help or give some insight that would be greatly appreciated. My anxiety is through the roof over this.
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