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  1. Our case has been in review status for several months.  My husbands portion is accepted.  But as for my portion as the sponsor, they will review my documents then send me an email stating my documents should be in its own file, which they are.  Every time they send me a new massage of this same documents I end up waiting another 8 to 10 weeks for them to pick it up and review it again... I understand this is the most stressful part of immigration and we all need to be patient.  But my husband and I are so depressed  and sad that we are still living separately (Countries Apart) only able to FaceTime, message and talk on the phone with each other daily..  We want to spend the rest of our lives together and this process is taking so long.  We pray together everyday that soon this process will be completed and we can finally start our lives together in one household....!

    1. Leyla100


      Are they done with the review ??

    2. Pamela Singh

      Pamela Singh

      We are waiting to be scheduled for an interview now....but with everything going on with COVID 19, we have no idea when this schedule will take place.  This is so depressing  and  stressful.  We will be married for 3 years in October, and still waiting to enjoy our lives together.  I’m praying immigration can began all services to help us all very soon.  

  2. Not yet....I was asked to send additional evidence, and I mailed it back to Immigration right away.  They should have received my evidence over a week ago.  I just continue to check my status everyday.  

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