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  1. Congrats! Am happy yo hear that. Am afraid am in a similar situation as you were. My husband abandoned me after confessing to another woman claiming he is the father to baby boy. And he has been in jail several times for owed child support and Assult. I dont want to be in the marriage anymore. My question to you is dis you file a no fault divorce or contested divorce because we filed a joint petition in September, 2017 few months after he confessed to me he left and I havent heard from him. Now we received a RFE and I plan to inform USCIS with my reply to RFE and Divorce proceedings paperwork. Does it matter if I file a no fault divorce to get the divorce final quickly? I need help
  2. May God see you through.
  3. Thanks the only place I know he could be is his mother's place. That's where I'll send divorce papers to. If he isn't there, then am out of options.
  4. Yes, it goes like this: Copies of you and your spouse's driver's licenses and or identity cards from the appropriate state's motor vehicle department.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I contacted his family already. The number they have for him is a non-working number. I think my best option is to contact a lawyer and go ahead with a divorce. It's been 7 months since I spoke with him so I highly doubt he would be interested to talk to me now. And I have till next month to reply to the RFE.
  6. I can't even get in touch with my husband to get some of the documents. He left with some of the evidence and told me to figure it out. How do I explain this to USCIS. Am desperate at this point.
  7. Thank you. I wish I married at a later age. I was naive and young.
  8. Thanks for your reply. That brings some relief to me. I need a lawyer with experience with my type of situation that is based in NY. I will greatly appreciate your recommendation. How do I find people with similar situation as me. Am new to VJ.
  9. Thank you NYC892015. They asked for our ID showing same address but my husband used to live in Jersey and works there. So he didn't feel the need to change IDs. Do you think this will affect my case in a bad way?
  10. Hello every one, I met my USC spouse in summer of 2014 and he proposed to me on his birthday in Jan,2015 we go married two days later. We didn't do nothing much because we were young and in love and didn't have money to do something huge. We filed for adjustment of status 3 months later. Fast forward to me getting my 2yrs conditional green card. During the two years the marriage was on the rocks but we tried to work things out and filed joint I-751 in Sept.2017. Marriage is still shaky and my USC left without my knowledge. I can't get in contact with him and his family asked that I work things out with my husband and they dont want to be involved in our marital problems. We have lived apart for 7 months and I can't reach him at all. Its Jan,2019 I got RFE. Should I tell USCIS that am about to file for divorce? And we closed some of our joint accounts. Please help. Thank you.