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  1. Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe tax return of petioner and beneficiary is not required for filing I-130. We are showing our joint bank account statement and 401k beneficiary document where we have assigned each other as beneficiaries on our 401k account. Do you recommend submitting tax return/tax transcripts as well? Or is that something we should only submit when we file affidavit of support down the line. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
  2. Yes. Good point. Thank you! I agree. It will not be his fault
  3. I worked for a major tech company. It was great. H1b was rejected because USCIS thought that my education did not match my job duties. Which is kinda stupid because I had got 3 H1b visa petitions approved in last 10 years and also had an approved I- 140 (GC petition by US employer). Obviously, this new H1b petition was under new president's administration and they have made it extremely difficult for people to qualify for H1b now. Going by the logic that USCIS gave me, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google would have never got H1b visa approved. He did not have Computer Science degree and still worked as software product manager in the begining at Google. Anyways, I am working on developing an online business right now and want to focus on my marriage. Glad I am out of H1b visa BS which is so frustrating.
  4. Well, I have been to India multiple times actually. Also visited China, Thailand and Indonesia in these 10 years.
  5. Hi there! I want to know if applying for US tourist visa before applying for CR1 makes sense or not? Little bit about me: Indian citizen who studied and worked in US for 10 years. H1b visa (work visa) got rejected in summer 2018 and I returned to India immediately. Got married in India to my US citizen girfriend in December 2018. Own a home and car in US. Did not get any time to wrap up my assets in US as exiting after H1b visa rejection was time sensitive. My US citizen wife is now back in the US and we plan on getting married the American way with her family around. For this reason, I want to apply for tourist visa but I am not sure if I should wait until I file my CR1 visa or not. I understand that getting the tourist visa approved might be a difficult task but I want to take a chance and see if the visa goes through. If I get a tourist visa, I do not plan on staying back in US and file for AOS from there. I plan on fully following the legal channel and wait for CR1 approval from India. What do you guys suggest? Should I file for tourist first and then file for CR1? My parents already have valid US tourist visa and they plan on visiting US for my American wedding. What should be my pitch to consular officer regarding my need for tourist visa? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you!