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  1. package sent on 08/05/19 via USPS delivered on 08/08/19 6PM received texts with receipt numbers at 11PM 08/29/19 **with K2 was losing sleep because of it, but thank God it's finally processed. 😊
  2. Hi guys, Im still waiting for texts and emails from USCIS. Submitted our AOS on 08/05/2019 but has not heard anything back yet. Im just curious though, were your checks cashed first before you received the texts/emails/mail? Or did you guys receive the the notifications first then your checks were cashed later? Thanks
  3. Hi, can anyone help me with I-693 and DS-3025. Saint Luke's Clinic in the Philippines gave me an Xray CD and vaccination record; and my k2 son got a IGRA document and vaccination record. Our vaccination records will expire on August 31, 2020 (as stated on the document). I have read some forums and they say that an I-693 is not needed as long as the vaccination records are still valid. However, those forums are from 2-3 years ago and I am not sure if that is still the case? Please help. Do we still need to see a civil surgeon and have him/her transcribe the vaccination record to the I-693 form? We appreciate all the help. Thank you
  4. @phildinftlaudy Im looking at Spantran's website now. You're right. They don't require any sealed envelope at all but charges $60 for verification, which i think is worth it. Better than her having to deal with the school. They are a pain in the butt to deal with. They refused to give her a No Objection Certificate, she needed it to request transcript for her Bachelor's degree. Looks like we are going to use Spantran. Thank you so much for your help 😉
  5. @ phildinftlaudy Hi, We have called SCC to verify the requirements. They said her transcript needs to be evaluated and they recommended WES. We visited WES's website to see the requirements and it says that the transcripts must be placed in a sealed envelope (with the college stamp or seal on the flap and the registrar's signature). We also checked other NACES-member credential evaluators and most of them requires the transcript to be in a sealed envelope, too. Was this your experience? We have read other threads and most of them doesn't mention anything about that sealed envelope. My fiancee is yet to go back to the school to ask if she can request for this. She just recently requested for 3 copies of it, too. Also, we do not have any request form from SCC yet. She won't be enrolling anytime soon. She is just getting all her documents ready because she doesn't want to bother her friends or family to do it for her in the future.
  6. @ payxibka That's what we have always thought. The Philippine court has granted her permanent custody, so we never thought that we would need such letter. It only made us think twice when she stumbled upon some threads about consent letters from the other parent. If you don't mind me asking, did you experience this yourself? or do you know anyone who had the same situation (annulled marriage and permanent custody granted to fiancee) and was able to get through the port of entry without having to show a letter of consent from the other parent?
  7. @ payxibka oh. sorry, we found this from other threads. we thought this is for people entering the U.S. So we assumed, that since my fiancee (solo parent) will be entering the U.S with her son, then CBP would require them to present a consent form from the father. Correct me if i'm wrong and i really appreciate your help .
  8. @ Hank_ our k2 is 8 yrs old. My fiancee's previous marriage was annulled and the court granted her PERMANENT custody (not Sole custody) and the father has visitation rights. We already have the child's passport and my fiancee has a Solo parent ID from DSWD (we don't know how that ID is gonna help us, but she got one just in case). My question is do we need a letter of consent from her ex? Her ex is giving her a hard time and will not consent to having the child leave the country. Here's what we have read so far. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/3643/kw/1254/related/1/session/L2F2LzEvc25vLzEvdGltZS8xNTUxMzcxMzg5L3NpZC9CNGx3ZHg4bw%3D%3D
  9. Hi Charles_n_Grace, I'm just curious how your travel consent worked out? So was it correct that you did not need to get a travel consent from the biological since she has a solo parent ID? We also have a k2 and we are not sure if we need a travel consent from the biological father. My fiancee was granted custody of the child and the father has visitation rights. Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  10. @ phildinftlaudy Thank you so much! That was a lot of helpful information. We are now reading more about the evaluation companies that we can possible use. She's planning to go to Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. Highschool transcripts? Will she need that if she were to take up nursing at SCC?
  11. @phildinftlaudy My fiancee is from the Philippines and has completed her Bachelor's degree and the academic requirements for her Master's degree. She plans to study as well when she gets to the states. She is preparing all her documents. My question is, does she need her transcripts to be authenticated/red ribboned by the Philippine consulate? did you have to do that? She plans to enroll in a community college. We understand that different schools have different admission requirements, but we want to know what the usual requirements are. What other documents do you suggest she prepare and get authenticated?
  12. btw Hank_ my fiancee is also trying to get all her documents (Transcript of records, College and HS Diploma, Cert of employment) ready for everything (AOS, School, School for k2, Work). She plans to study in the U.S. eventually. We have been reading about Authenticated documents from the DFA. Did your wife or do you know anyone who eventually needed any of their documents DFA authenticated? Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreaciated.
  13. @ Hank_ lol .. yea it does.. but first we interpreted it as "if the actual physical letter is available, If not, a copy of the email will suffice".
  14. @ kittyanne We are at the same phase right now. And as the others have mentioned, you can go to SLEC and get your medical as soon as you get the email/letter from NVC with your case number. I have emailed SLEC about this. And apparently, it is not enough that you have the case# written down on a piece of paper. They want to see the official letter/email from NVC where it shows your name and the case# on it. Once you have that letter, then you can proceed with your medical regardless of what your CEAC status is. It also confused me because on the SLEC website, they listed down "Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation from the U.S. Embassy" as one of the requirements. But they have confirmed through email that all they need is the NVC letter/email showing your case#. I hope this helps. Also, follow the guide that Hank has provided. We find it very, very useful.
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