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  1. Hey Beth and InLuv.

    Yah, We had 10 years together and many good times but Adam did some really selfish messed up stuff and I had to do what was best for my health and life. He knows he screwed up. He was even telling my mom/family he was gonna fix his life and do whats right but that didnt even happen.

    With Luke, I've been friends with him for 13 months and through a religion study group that we were a apart of. He works for an American company and loves people!!! He works with elderly over the phone, doc offices/nurses. Loves children too. He does not have a selfish personality and is completely opposite of Adam in maturity and financial responsibility.

    I will for sure take lots of pictures. We are really excited to get to spend 2 weeks together over there. He's planning the engagement party and his family, friends and my friends will be a part of it and they are all so excited!

    Adam never made an effort financially for us to have children or even get himself checked to see if he was the reason also that we didnt have children. All he did was blame me for not having kids. Also, Adam never made an effort for family gatherings with my family bcz he doesnt like people. He doesnt like his own family, he doesnt like my family, he doesnt make friends. It was literally him and I 90% of our marriage. And when he gets mad at any situation he would take it out on me even if it had nothing to do with me. And nothing was good enough for him. He had to have the expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive electronics, never eat left overs ect. He got himself into $15,000 cc debt and then got me into $4600 debt without me knowing about it and his excuse was.... im sorry but....

    He loves me but thats not good enough when his actions in some areas were unacceptable. Im not going into detail publicly on here with what took place in our marriage other than the minor things that were stated but it was enough for me to wake up and tell myself after he said 10 years of marriage wasnt worth it to him and a divorce was better... so i gave it to him. Spoiled, selfish and immature but he still loves me and its over.

  2. I dont have a "history" of marrying foreigners. No, im not Egyptian. Im an American who was married to an Egyptian and the marriage of almost 10 years didnt work out. In the mean time, yes Im free to marry but im not in a hurry to marry right now. I'm fine with getting engaged to someone that loves me and I love too who happens to be in Egypt where tons of my friends are from. I havent been on VJ in forever so I was giving a little back history to those who are new. Sure, I can delete Adams picture off here and probably will do that sooner than later since we arent married any more. OR maybe I'll just start a new fresh VJ page.

  3. Well, this might be rather shocking to the older VJ peeps! BUT! Im back and divorced. Kinda awkward even saying that but its for the best. Would have been 10 years of marriage this coming July. For those of you who dont know of me, my ex is from Egypt and we married over there in July 2006 and filed the k3. Adam came here in Jan 2008. He didnt scam me or anything like that but he lived a very selfish life, unhappy with everyone and everything which really thats something inside of him he needs to deal with which led to me filing for divorce and it being final on May 13th.

    Now, im going to Egypt to get engaged to a guy that I've known & been friends with for 13 months. Never were we anything as a couple until after Adam said "divorce" and I said ok im giving you the divorce. So, my trip is planned for June 17-July 2 to be in Egypt and spend 2 weeks there getting to know Lukes family/friends and have an engagement party with his family/friends and mine. Then, we will file for the k1 fiance visa as I dont plan on getting married in Egypt again (unless absolutely necessary). So, thats where I am for now and why Im back. I should delete me and adams picture off here or just start a new VJ profile... Im not really sure how things work since Im newly divorced but moving on in life.


  4. Hey MENA Peeps! Well, its been forever since I've been on VJ -minus yesterday but I wanted to pop in & say Hello! There are so many people from VJ around the Houston area & Im thinking about having another get together for us VJ peeps! We

    had one at Dimassi's Mediterranean in 2010 & that was great! Its way past due for another one. I'm getting the word out

    here and where I spend most of my time updating our life (FB).

    If you are around the Houston area send me a message... we are neighbors on the outskirts of Houston... but Houston is our playground! Hope all the new & old peeps are doing well! -Tamara

  5. Best wishes on your upcoming marriage. I'm an American woman that married an Egyptian man in 2006. Started the process from beginning to end = 6yrs and hubby has been a US Citizen now for 2years. There are a couple of Egyptian women married to American men in the group but not sure if they come over here much since they are done with the visa process.

  6. My husband had 4 names. Ahmed M. A. A. When we filed back in the day it just became A.M.A on his paperwork which dropped the 2nd A (which was his grandfathers name) I knew that one day he would legally change his entire name so I never took his name. In 2012 he became a US Citizen and changed his name completely from what he was born with to just Adam Y. I still haven't changed my last name to his and we are fine with that. When we have a child one day she/he will have his last name & we are both fine with that and at that point I will decide what I want to do.

  7. Merry Christmas VJ Peeps! This year totally flew by. Last year this time if I were to guess how my year would have went I would not have thought things would happen the way they have with us taking in family into our home to temporarily help support, 2 blood clots & now as of last week our first vehicle accident where we were hit. We are good & our jeep is still in the shop getting fixed. Also, Im about 2 days away from officially announcing to my co workers that I will be the new HR assistant at my job- something I talked about 2 years ago but this blood clot issue has led me to being in there to help out to the opening and position for me to be in permanently this coming Monday. In all things give thanks & I'm thankful for yet another year with my husband by my side. heart.gif Tamara

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Its been forever since I've posted in here as I've had a crazy year. 1 with having my brother, his wife, 4yr old nephew & 6yr old niece temporarily moved in with us in March because my brother had to have a major back operation from getting hurt on his job in Louisiana. And then for my own health with 2 blood clots in my leg since June. The smaller one was about 3 inches further down my leg & the higher one was 8 inches. Last week was my 5th venous doppler & it said the smaller one was gone & the larger one is now down to 3 inches. Been taking a full adult aspirin a day since August. Its been a hectic year for sure. Thankfully, my store manager has let me work with the personnel manager my 5 days a week to hire & train new employees instead of running around & all over the store as a front end supervisor.

    Adam & I are doing great. He took a promotion with asset protection & transferred closer to home with the company. I hope everyone is doing well, had a good thanksgiving with family & a wonderful soon to be Christmas time & New Year. heart.gif Tamara

  9. well what happened the day of Adams interview was that many of the ones that passed their interview, they were told to go back into the waiting area and wait on their oath ceremony date letter. We, at the time didnt know that until after he was told approved but he could go bcz we didnt live in the county area and that our area would be for Beaumont to schedule his. I was bummed out bcz then the guy that had his interview and passed told my husband that his was in like 2-3 weeks time. We waited from July 19 (interview date to -Nov 7th (citizenship date)

  10. Hey last year in July my husband had his interview in the Houston office but because we dont live in the Harris County area we had to wait on the Beaumont Courthouse to send him his Oath letter which was sent to him in October for November 7th. But from what I understand, everyone else who had a Houston interview that lives around that area only had a few weeks to a month or so wait.

  11. I too am curious why cant you get married in Egypt with different religions? ..I think if you are Christian and she is Muslim then maybe that wouldnt work according to Egypt and if you are Muslim and she is Christian, Jew or Muslim they most certainly allow it... and if you are Christian of Muslim background marrying a Christian you have to marry as if you are Muslim. I dont know about Bahai though.

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