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  1. No they have been here for a since covid without being able to return. Again they are seeing options as they have a son and they do not want there family sperated again so they are looking for options and I am just trying to get them information and translate as much as I can. Again they have a minor son and the husband is LPR. I am not sure why the Uscis fee page isn't working for me I do know the the petition is 535 and the AOS is around 1000ish and 85 bio fee. What they are unsure of is how it work if ever to file. As they have a child and they don't know if that goes as if they were doing a process for two or the kid is included with just the mother's applications and they pay the extra fees.
  2. Doesn't speak English so I'm trying to help and be the binder between to get them as much info as I can.
  3. Yes the husband has his green card and yes they are here legal. They just wasn't sure how it worked with there son and him being a minor. So basically it's one application for the wife and son. The fee calulator unfortunately doesn't work for me that's why I had to post we have been attempting all which ways
  4. Had a question for a friend. He wants to petition for his wife and son. He would like to know what would be the fees and does his son and wife go on two different applications, he son is under 2 years old. They know the application is 535 , they are curious if the fee doubles for the child or it's included with the mother's application as well when filing for AOS because he is a minor do they just included it under the mom's paper work.
  5. Thank you they are getting more of a better scope understanding all the processes with immigration.
  6. No no , she didn't lie to the CBP again this is just discussion because they are scared with the faith of covid what will happen with there family. No she doesn't work and hasn't work again she hasn't been here long. He makes a decent amount to maintain his family. Again they are just worried about there family being sperated for long period of time especially because it seems her country is about to close there borders again so basically she will be stuck.... They are just confused how it would work because she has a son that is her husband's child. And she can't seem to calulate the fee correctly where it's making sense. She knows the petition is 535 and the adjustment around 1400 ish with 85 of the biometrics but she doesn't know about her son because she's unsure if her husband can just outright claim him and there is like a waiver or because he was born outside the US have to file petition and adjustment for the both of them which would bring the fees up to a significant amount.
  7. Your did awesome because that is def what check came out too....it was around 310ish for four days. She is getting paid weekly. But when she started she entered in the week others were getting paid , so they just paid her our for four days. That might explain it as you said I was thinking the same that because it was such a low amount could have been because of that. Because her HR person stated that everything was legit and they didn't see any errors and that was my fear there would have been error or that we would owe or that they should be taking a huge chunk out and what she actually would bring home would be super less then what she's working for and that would break my heart because she working so hard and excited for her first job in America and just over all even coming from her country where jobs aren't like here on the US. Thank you again to you all it's helping relieve my stress and fear as I was suffering from anexity riddled with fear something could be wrong
  8. Yes , I shared that info with her ESP with being in limbo basically. They stated they were aware of it but because of covid they were scared to be sperated because of their son and the chances or a long time period being apart and they have weigh out there options they aren't sure just yet which way to lean. They just wanted to know the actual fees the process I explained because of what is going on immigration in is taking way longer then usual. ( Yes totally don't agree with trying to adjust via a tourist visa because it definitely makes it harder on other people in there home country , but I guess they are desperate as her husband fears are at a all time high) I am just trying to get them the best information possible so they can know what route to take as well what the time frame can be and the risk of being in limbo and basically a couch potato.
  9. Could it be because she's a non resident waiting for her green card? Yes, she just started less then a week ago. Going to take that advice and wait for the next pay period and see if they with hold anything. I figured it would at least be a percentage , I'm more concerned that it could affected me when I go to file and we end up owing vs. Getting anything back. Because I personally with own taxes have never had any issues I always file with 1for my take home could be a decent amount.
  10. Yes , the part that got cut off states fed withholdings. We spoke with her HR department and he stated everything looks correct on there end. But if we had any concerns we could re fill out the W-4 and submit it again. But I'm lost on how its supposed to be filled because I fill w2. So I don't know if I am filing it incorrectly for her other then married with zero dependents.
  11. I have attached a picture , I am confused where it states 0.00 now she just started and was paid only for the dates she started because it was on a current pay period so it was not a full check. I'm just worried I might be filing something out wrong. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  12. She states that typically she gets a stamp she arrived about 3 weeks ago. But states she didn't get a max time , maybe she's missing something as in not seeing where it was stamped. I believe he is a LPR....what would be the case say citizen vs LPR. She wants to know so she can calulate the fee because the fee calulator doesn't help
  13. My wife has had her work permit for a few months now and lucky throughout all the covid craziness has landed herself her first American job. She recently got países and we noticed that her taxes might not be correct. They are taking out social security and Medicare taxes. But from my knowledge there is another percentage that needs to be taken out but for her it states zero. And when I filled her paper work I filled as married and we have zero dependents as we have no kids and it's just me and her. I am wondering if anyone else has seen or have had these issues and or how can we go about correcting this on her paper work so her next pay cycle can reflect correctly. I know that sometimes for non residents there's a different process or a certain amount they do or don't take out. Can anyone give me some insight on this as I am afraid it could effect me when I got to file taxes for the upcoming year. Thank you
  14. Hello all, Asking for a friend- has a tourist visa. Entered and was not given a exit date. Her husband is a resident here in the United States they share a son. They want to adjust status for her and her son. From my knowledge and from past experiences I have seen it can be possible. But her question is does she have to file for her son both a petition and AOS or does the son ? Because he's under age would they need to file two petitions or can it be filed concurrently ?
  15. Thank you guys so much They haven't filed taxes because they haven't lived or worked in the United States they have been studying medicine abroad. Met there wife feel in love and have recently had a child in Puerto Rico where they currently live now. There case was returned back first on the basis that he didn't make enough currently and because he hadn't had any taxes filed in which they explained and got another rfe stating they would absolutely need a joint sponsor. As to my question, because they wife is the only one applying I would be helping with being a sponsor to her or her entire family ? Being that it's onlyy wife and I no kids or anything crazy of sorts..... currently I make around 33'000. Does that hold me down enough to be able to help my friend without hurting my wife's own AOS application because currently we are only waiting on the interview which has been postponed because of covid 19 my friend has about 28 days to respond if not she will get deported.. Please please someone help with any information or any work around there are no contact centers open and they will not state anything via the phones
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