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  1. If this case if for Florida , that’s odd because I got married nov 8 and it was available to me the same exact days and they gave me 3 copies. You might want to call the court house and ask...the only difference in state of fl you can elect to take a pre marital course and it’ll void out the waiting period which is 3 days never heard of weeks and or if you don’t take it you have to apply summit your information then there after return 3 days later to signed and receive your licenses.
  2. You don’t really need to translate. I thought the same thing and paid 150 for all my documents and ended up leaving them in Florida when I went for my interview and they ended up accepting all of everything as is....
  3. Strongly agree , you should be present !
  4. You actually can call the NvC and they cane give you your sdo number and with that you can start your application pay the fee and schd the appointments yourself.
  5. Can you update your timeline?  Your consulate says "Armenia".  Just sayin :)


  6. You scheduled it yourself after you pay the fee on ustravel. It’ll give you the option first for the vac and then second for the interview.
  7. It depends what you sent and didn’t send in your packet , you wouldn’t know what they are asking for till you get the letter and they tell you the specifics of what they need....is there something you didn’t put in your packet that was required ?
  8. Mandan me un msj por aquí y paso mi número me eh comunicado con pal de gente y no hemos ayudado en cierta cosa que q uno le falta o tienes preguntas. Le le envío mi número por msj o vice versa...
  9. Something happened to me , you have to select the immigrant visa and then it’ll give you the option menu to select k1. Trust me I spent hours trying to figure it out till I finally realized they were only allowing me other type of visa other then the k1.
  10. This happened to me , the page continuously kicked me out or it would reload with blank information. I had re enter eveything about 4-5 times. Idk if it was the browser or just the page it self. It literally took me 2 days to get threw to everything. I think it’s normal just to keep trying , somethings don’t apply at least for my fiancé and her country like the addresses are different so what I couldn’t fill I just put N/A. Hope you get threw as quickly as possible I know it can be a headache once you input and then it reloads blank. You just wanna be really safe with filling everything in and not leaving anything blank even if you have to keep doing it till it loads on to the next page.
  11. You bring them all with you , no one will actually contact you. You have to bring along as well your affidavit of support application. It’s basically an update on the petition originally sent. Only thing now is you add on all police papers divorce papers birth certificates etc etc. And make sure they are translated.
  12. Hey there , i am am also a Dominican flier , there is actually no mail. They state things will get sent with there internal mail system. But my fiancé never once got anything at her house. As you I found myself confused because the addresses are nothing as here nor is there a mail carrier. Best thing to do in my opinion just be proactive in calling the NVC and not sitting around waiting for something that’ll never come. I gave it about 1week before receiving my noa2 I traveled to DR for a visit and once I came back I called them and they had not sent my package over but they had already created my account and etc. And with that the lady told me go ahead and start your process and boom now just waiting for August our interview and we did all this without receiving any packet. After I applied for the visa and all we then got an email saying congratulations you can now apply for the visa. But we had already set up the interview and all.
  13. Have you followed up with the embassy? I’m starting to feel like these cr1-2 are taking much longer.
  14. I thought about that but I don’t have any social media Facebook or snap or Instagram. So I figured best way is one on one direct contact. Feel free to send me a text !!! (removed) We definitely can connect and help one another in whatever I can assist with I’m an open book !
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