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  1. NVC stage, waiting for MNL Case number.

  2. Still waiting for USCIS to send our case to NVC. I hope I can process everything before the year ends. It would be nice to celebrate Christmas and New Year together

  3. I think for correcting baptismal certificates, you can go to which church he was baptized. My father's name on my baptismal certificate is different from my birth certificate (cause he has two legal names). I remember asking a church employee and according to them, if I want to change it, I have to go to CBCP Main Office in Intramuros, Manila.
  4. I tried sending an inquiry regards with my case thru email at NVCExpedite@state.gov, they responded after 3 days. However, I inquired too soon and they said they haven't received my file yet. You can try sending inquiries at NVCExpedite@state.gov, they reply faster than NVCInquire@state.gov
  5. agreed. its worth to try, if it worked, then better. If not, then the file will go thru the same process as everyone else. I think they review I-129F for spouses faster since they receive less applications of it compared to I-130. I'm not sure. But it helps to have the I-130 reviewed faster as they deny I-129F and approve I-130 the same day or the next day.
  6. Oh, i missed this part. I just read the Subject about filing K3 after I-130 to expedite and the post that tagged or qouted my visa journey. On our case, we planned to file I-129F first but I thought co-sponsors for fiance visa in Philippines is not allowed. So, my husband travelled to PH together with her daughter and we got married here. Well, as I said, its a case to case basis or it depends on someone's situation. I see no harm on being together for good. Everything will cost money and time too.
  7. Hi, its a case to case basis. Maybe we got lucky to be approved faster cause the K-3 trick worked for us. Some filers got approved less than a month after filing the I-129F, and others are still waiting for decision for more than 2 months. Yes, filing of I-129F may help to expedite your case. I was hesitant on filing this at first, but there is no harm in trying. It has no fee since you already filed and paid for I-130. Based on the I-129F decision letter from USCIS, 'K-3 visa is meant for individuals coming to US to await the approval of I-130 petition and availability of an immigrant visa. They denied our K-3 because our I-130 was approved and an immediate relative visa is available.
  8. Hi, for the Advisory of Marriages, you can select the request for a Certificate of No Marriage. Since your wife is married, they will give you an Advisory on Marriages instead of Certificate of No Marriage. They provide the same forms for the both document. I got mine recently.
  9. I'm following this thread. Our I-130 was approved last August 30, 2019... Still waiting for NVC Stage, and reading in advance for the documents needed to upload for the nvc,.
  10. Hi! My PD for I-129F is July 25, 2019.. Hoping it will help to speed up our I-130.
  11. A month ago, my husband and I were planning to send an I-129f, because our i-130 is also assigned at Nebraska SC. We compared everything and just decided to wait for our i-130 approval. But yeah, LDR is really though, all the frustrations and waiting. So upon reading some new i-129f fillers and expedited approvals of I-130 at NSC, I convinced my husband to file an i-129f. I hope everything turns great just like the other filers who got their i-130 approved sooner.
  12. When should I start gathering documents for my Joint Sponsor? My sister in law will be our Joint Sponsor, she said she wanted to prepare the documents before October 2019. But based on my estimated date of my NOA2, it will be May 2020 - June 2020. Will it cause me delays if ever I'll have my Joint Sponsor's documents ahead of time? thank you!
  13. update: my husband got the mail Notice Date: May 31, 2019 Priority Date: May 28, 2019 Nebraska Service Center it is.
  14. My husband received an email today.. does it mean our application will be processed at Nebraska Service Center? we're still waiting for the Mail tho. should we send another copy of our Photos (cause our photobooks were returned) to Phoenix Lock Box or to Nebraska Service Center?
  15. Thank you, I'll just be patient on waiting for our NOA1. My husband is planning to send another mail with our pictures printed on a paper once we get our NVC or receipt number. That's great!
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