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  1. When should I start gathering documents for my Joint Sponsor? My sister in law will be our Joint Sponsor, she said she wanted to prepare the documents before October 2019. But based on my estimated date of my NOA2, it will be May 2020 - June 2020. Will it cause me delays if ever I'll have my Joint Sponsor's documents ahead of time? thank you!
  2. update: my husband got the mail Notice Date: May 31, 2019 Priority Date: May 28, 2019 Nebraska Service Center it is.
  3. My husband received an email today.. does it mean our application will be processed at Nebraska Service Center? we're still waiting for the Mail tho. should we send another copy of our Photos (cause our photobooks were returned) to Phoenix Lock Box or to Nebraska Service Center?
  4. Thank you, I'll just be patient on waiting for our NOA1. My husband is planning to send another mail with our pictures printed on a paper once we get our NVC or receipt number. That's great!
  5. its like an album but all the pictures are printed on a glossy paper of the book. yeah, we should have done that instead. We wanted to make it more presentable that's why we used photo books. will that affect our process? we haven't received our NOA1 yet.
  6. Hi everyone, we received a letter from USCIS Phoenix Lockbox. and I'm so frustrated right now cause they sent back our photo books. I'm so worried right now, that's the only evidence we have aside from the affidavit of bonafide marriage.
  7. we received our confirmation thru our mailing address.
  8. Hi! My husband sent me a screenshot that our payment for the application is credited. We're just waiting for our NOA1.
  9. hi! I made a post/thread for May 2019 I-130 filers before I found this thread haha! I will include myself here. Our package was received last May 27, I'm excited for our NOA1 Goodluck batchmates!
  10. Hi everyone, do we have May 2019 I-130 filers here? I just want to make a thread for us! Journey-mates? haha! So, we sent our package last May 24 to Phoenix Lock Box, USPS says that it will be delivered by May 28. I'm excited! How's yours?
  11. Hi! Have you received notification from Phoenix Lockbox? We sent our package last may 24, and according to USPS Tracking, it will be delivered on May 28th. I'm just curious on how long will it take to receive NOA1 or notification of receipt from Phoenix Lockbox. Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much Ma'am Neth! I am planning po to change some of my government ID's to my married name, will that help po ba? God bless po! Thank you! thank you!
  13. Hi! I'm a newbie here, my husband and I got married last April 26, 2019. We are filing for our petition forms as soon as our marriage contract will be released. I am really inspired and glad for all the active and helpful members that answers some questions. I keep on reading threads and discussions about the requirements and processes which are very informative. Thank you everyone!!
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