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  1. Thank you for letting us know. It's important to understand that the stated processing times online are not accurate at best. I'll try to keep an eye on your case PD and will let you know as soon as there's an update.
  2. It means they're going to look at your case sooner than later. Hopefully, this very week!
  3. This is actually good. Although initial background checks are usually initiated after a petition is received.
  4. Why wait when you can actually call USCIS directly and ask about the transfer. I have no idea if this has ever happened before.
  5. Please, let us know to which service center your case was transferred to.
  6. Yes and yes. But I believe they're actually trying to balance things out. At first, I thought transfers occur when the petitioner belongs to a specific state (which used to be the case before). Now, it could just be to get rid of backlogs or to avoid them altogether. I detected over around 1000 cases in consecutive sequencing and they seemed to be queued for processing this or next week.
  7. Update: Approx. 1000 cases from Feb have been transferred to another office today. If your case happened to be in Feb 11,12,13, or 14, check if it was transferred online, and if so, call USCIS to find out which new office is handling these cases and let us know here. I think Nebraska is speeding up by load balancing the case payloads for 2019.
  8. There are several approvals from Jan all the way to March. Don't be surprised if your case was skipped in the middle. Soon the turn for everyone will be up.
  9. In all cases, cases "around" yours hardly matters. What really matters is the Priority Date! The case numbers are assigned based on how fast the cases arrive into the system, so one can see a PD 01/24 with LINXXXXXXX1 and few thousand cases down, say LINXXXXXX1150, a PD in 01/20. It happens a lot. Form I-130 is multipurpose, which can be used with other forms/petitions. At least, consider if the applicant is already in the U.S.
  10. Yes, it was. I have 2 I-130 cases here that seem to have been approved on the same date. Both cases were filed in Oct and Dec 2018, but were only approved Nov 18/2019. I'm almost certain that one of them is associated with that case denial.
  11. Yes, I saw several cases denied 01/09, but the reason is yet unknown.
  12. If you give me the case number, I'll tell you the receipt date.
  13. No, they're not. The pattern is entirely unclear. They pick and choose from a wide range of dates, my guess is to eliminate backlogs only. We shall see soon enough.
  14. Hey everyone, It seems that there has been a few I-129F cases that were recently denied and I'm almost certain they were not K1 related, but rather K3 related. The dates for these cases varied between October and November. Hope to hear more good news for everyone soon.
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