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  1. Yeah! But according to USCIS they'll take between 7.5 to 10 months to approve cases, if that's accurate at all. So, see ya next 7.5-10 months . When did your friend apply? and when did he get approved?
  2. Same here. I found out when I called them that they've received it. I did all you said earlier. Nebraska isn't that bad, I think, no?
  3. What center did you get?
  4. Early this month, so I can safely say that it has been at least more than 2 weeks. Yet, we didn't get any emails, texts, or mailed notices yet.
  5. That's weird. I also had two, they were right beneath my cover and explanation letters, however, we didn't get nothing.
  6. Hey guys, For those of you who received electronic notices about the case being received, can you tell me if you placed your G-1145 e-notification form at the very top (even on top of the cover letter)? or did you just put it right underneath the cover letter and on top of the i-130 petition forms?
  7. Hey Everyone, Please, read the following very carefully before answering. Your help and opinions are always appreciated. The question may seem to have been asked before, but it is NOT. I've looked all over for something similar on the forums, without any results. I was married to my wife in 2017, based on an "orfi" (not legally registered, Islamic/religious) marriage. Almost a year after, specifically in 2018, we legally registered and authenticated the marriage contract from 2017. For those of you who aren't familiar with the procedures of marriage registration in Egypt, the marriage registration in 2018 is basically an authentication of the 2017 contract that goes into the government's registry system. Afterwards, I was able to get a government-issued (electronically-printed) marriage record and it showed the date of marriage and the date of registration separately as follows: Date of marriage document (contract): xx/xx/2017 Date of registration: xx/xx/2018 This is equivalent to saying that, "In 2018 the government of Egypt authenticates and recognizes the marriage deed from 2017". Here's my question: In the i-130 petition, which do I put as the marriage date? and which will be considered by the USCIS ? the government authentication in 2018 or the marriage contract in 2017? Thank you.
  8. I think that'd only be valid during filing the petition, not after, isn't it?
  9. No, we were engaged to be married in the U.S. .. while the K1 was on AP at the embassy, and after the interview by a couple of years, we got married. The visa wasn't issued all this time, but now they've decided to issue it.
  10. I think this a very unique perspective on this, thank you for that. However, I do think there is more to it. They did say it was approved, it's just not "printed out" yet. That being said, assuming it will get issued without a problem, would the first option be viable still? That's the question. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, @payxibka but what is the reasoning behind not choosing 1 ?
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'd like to get some insight on our case issue. Basically, we were engaged to be married and after a long long time waiting on Administrative Processing after the visa was approved (more than 2 years) with no hope for the visa to be issued, we decided to get legally married a few months back and stay in Egypt. A few days ago I received a call from the embassy saying your K1 visa will be issued after you send a new medical and the passport. Here's my question: Before getting the new medical, or sending my passport, 1. Should we legally divorce first then continue with the process and get the medical and send it to the embassy? I'm thinking that this will technically make us "free to marry", and avoid us the issues with misrepresentation. Is this true? OR 2. Will we need to simply send a letter to the embassy to withdraw instead and reapply for a CR1/IR1, and wait another year, or more again? Please, help us find the proper answer to this dilemma.