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  1. Yes i got same answer that they are still scheduling. But big question is scheduling whom? I didn’t see anyone who got notified for interview in May.
  2. Same here. No update and NVC guy just asked to wait. Did you get success calling NVC?
  3. I spoke with NVC and they just told to wait. Though they are booking interviews for May.
  4. No I have yet to get date. It took almost 2 weeks for them to review docs.
  5. I am waiting for my interview.
  6. Did you get anything about interview? Thanks!
  7. Is your case got complete? What’s your Priority date?
  8. @pd20 did you get your interview date from NVC?
  9. MK2803

    Canadian Jan 2019 Case Complete

    Any luck anyone?
  10. MK2803

    Canadian Jan 2019 Case Complete

    People who are waiting for interview. Can someone call NVC to check if they have completed booking interview appointments for the month of April 2019? Thanks in advance.
  11. MK2803

    Canadian Jan 2019 Case Complete

    Nothing buddy. NVC is testing the nerves.