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  1. Hi everyone, okay so our case has been in administrative processing for the past 6 months in Tbilisi Georgia. They just emailed my fiance today stating that they would like him to download and send communication logs from loli chat, WhatsApp, & Skype. They stated they would like to see a trail of our communication logs from the day we met. The problem is we met six years ago when I was 19. Lollichat does not hold logs it was a random chat site,and we only spoke on there for two weeks before we went to WhatsApp/Skype. We stayed on Skype for a few months, but then we move to Whatsapp completely.. I have whatsapp logs dated back to 2017 or maybe 2016 at most. But we have none from 2014 or 15, due to the fact of us both changing phones, and not even thinking we'd be engaged, let alone wanting to actually get married. I don't know how to get any older WhatsApp messages if it's possible. If anyone knows please let me know. Or how to explain this to the embassy?
  2. Hi, still no updates. I called last week and they gave me a generic response, stating it should be resolved (administrative processing) within 60 days, sometimes longer depending on each case. I paid my ds-160 after I received my packet 3. You need create a profile online at ustraveldocs.com. Once your profile is created, send them an email from your profile stating that your petition has been received at embassy and that you're requesting your Packet 3 for further instructions. Then they will send you the packet 3. I would recommend calling the embassy at 703-988-7103. They told me these instructions, but you can call and verify it if needed.
  3. They asked him How did we meet? How many time have we met in person/visited? Why I didn't stay longer in Azerbaijan to visit him?(work) Asked about his B2/B1 denials. I emailed them, they gave a standard response as expected, but cased updated to the day i called,which was July 10,2019. Still in Administrative Processing.
  4. Hi, yes. He was put into AP, no reason given. Case last updated Jun 19, 2019. Still in the waiting zone. I've looked at other member timelines from Tbilisi, the trend is usually alittle bit over a month(Well, atleast I'm hoping🙏)
  5. My fiance's Interview was on June 18, 2019. He received a 221g for Administrative Processing. Passport was also returned. Last update to case was 06/19/19.
  6. Packet 3 for U.S. Embassy Tbilisi, Georgia http://photos.state.gov/libraries/georgia/19452/public/K Interview Preparation Instructions - English 2013_001.pdf
  7. I have not heard that or read that in our Packet 3, nor have I seen that requirement at any stage so far. I think we should both be good as long as everything checks off in the P3 and supporting evidence. The beauty of it is that I go the day before you. I'll try to write a review that day once my fiance is done with his interview to let you know how it went. Best Wishes! Also, do you know if we will receive the visa the same day as it says in the P3? I've seen a timeline from an 'Azerbaijan to Georgia' applicant where they received it the next day, Georgian applicants of course 3-5 days later. . Just trying to see if my fiance will have to adjust his travel plans while there or not.
  8. No, as much as I want to, I will not be able to attend the interview. Which, unexpectedly, Tbilisi actually allows you to. Thank you for responding though, I hope to get more replies more from others on the subject too!
  9. Hi everyone, are there any recent K1 applicants applying to Tbilisi Georgia. Just wanting to here some advice on how the process currently is on the day of the interview since the reviews on here are so dated, except one from 2018 regarding the K1. Of course i'm nervous and my fiance is quite a bit nervous as well and plus he is a shy person too. I've read they will ask about his previous B2/B1 visa denials. Plus i have a co-sponsor( I have 2 PRN jobs) and the previous income tax year i was in school so i didn't work that much then. My co-sponsor makes way over the poverty guidelines so i'm praying we are set. I sent all the required documentation organized and labeled in a accordion folder, plus about 35 pics and 3-8 screenshot pages of call logs and messages from WhatsApp. Wondering ,is there anything else i should be aware of at this point?
  10. We got our NOA2 in the mail today! No email or text. Site hasn't updated either. NOA1 date: 01/07/19 NOA2 date:04/11/19 94 days
  11. Congratulations! Super excited for you! I'm trying to wait patiently looking every day for ours.😆
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