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    01/31/19 : I-130 sent from France to Chicago lockbox
    02/06/19 : I-130 NOA1 Nebraska SC
    06/14/19 : applied for L1B visa
    07/17/19 : visa interview at Paris embassy, approved
    09/15/19 : flying to the US, POE Philadelphia International Airport
    12/10/19: sent I-485 application with USPS, they lost the package!
    01/06/20: resent I-485 application with FedEx
    01/09/20: I-130 approved
    01/10/20: received first I-485 package back from USCIS (USPS hadn't lost it after all), figured that my payement was denied because my debit card limit was too low
    01/15/20: case transferred to NVC
    01/27/20: NOA-1 received for I-485, I-765 and I-131 National Benefit Center
    02/12/20: case number received from NVC, email inquiry sent to ask them to send my case back to USCIS

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  1. When we moved we were able to get unsecured credit cards for $1000 and $1500 respectively with Bank of America. We wanted to get a car loan to boost our credit score since we had the intention of buying a house in the near future. We only wanted a small loan of a few $1000 to avoid paying to much interest since we had the money saved to pay for the car. That did not go through. Doing some research I came across this company called Self (https://www.self.inc/). They open an installment loan for you for a small amount ($500 to $1600) and put that money in a CD. You then pay off the loan monthly starting at $25 and they report it to all 3 credit bureaus. The loan is for 12 to 24 months, at the end you get the money from the CD and it costs between $90 ad $150 overall depending on the option you choose. After 12 months my score hit 750. In the meantime I have been using my credit card responsibly, keeping it under 20% usage and paying it off. I have been able to increase the limit to $2000 after 6 months and $4000 after 12 months. I have no personal interest in advertising that company but it seems to be a good option if you can't get a car loan or don't want to. Their interest rate is much higher than a car loan, but since you car "borrow" as little as $500 over 2 years, the final cost is much lower.
  2. We have been married for 7 years and have two children together so the officer said straight away "This is gonna be easy, you'll be out in 10 minutes". I brought everything I submitted with the application with originals of the copies, plus more recent documents like lease, joint account, car registration in both names, bills with both names.... The officer did not look at any of them! He asked me to confirm some information on the application form and all the security questions. He did not ask any personal question on our relationship. We were indeed done and out in 10 minutes.
  3. Interview October 28. Approved October 29. Card sent November 3. Card received November 6. Overall it took 9 months, not bad considering it was delayed by the pandemic.
  4. Thanks. I just got my interview date notice, no such luck.
  5. EAD card received a few days after my biometrics and case is ready to be scheduled for interview. Do they systematically interview all AOS cases based on marriage or can they waive it? Thanks.
  6. I received my new biometrics appointment letter yesterday for September 1st.
  7. I finally received my new biometrics appointment letter 🥳 Appointment is September 1st.
  8. Your are required to submit a medical report exam for AOS based on mariage. You can submit the complete form with your AOS form, or later, or bring to the interview. The medical exam has to be performed within 60 days before you submit the form (with your AOS or at interview). Once submitted, the form is valid for 2 years. That means that if you submit the form with your AOS application and your interview is not scheduled within the next 2 years, you would have to do the medical exam again. See below from the I-485 instructions for details. Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (Form I-693) Form I-485 applicants for adjustment of status are required to have a medical examination to show that they are free from health conditions that would make them inadmissible. This does not apply to registry applicants and individuals born under diplomatic immunity in the United States. If you are filing Form I-485 under the nonimmigrant fiancé(e), asylee, or refugee category, see the Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, Instructions for more information on whether you need to submit the full Form I-693 or only certain parts because you already had a medical examination overseas. Only a USCIS designated civil surgeon can perform this medical examination in the United States. The civil surgeon must document the results of your medical examination on Form I-693. For more information on the medical examination, see the Form I-693 Instructions. You are NOT required to submit Form I-693 at the time you file your adjustment application, but may do so if you wish. Because of the time-limited validity of Form I-693, you may choose to submit your Form I-693 after you file your Form I-485. You may also submit Form I-693 in person at an interview in a USCIS field office, if an interview is required. By waiting to submit Form I-693, you may avoid having to repeat the immigration medical examination. For more information about Form I-693 requirements, visit www.uscis.gov/i-693.
  9. Does anyone know if they are doing biometrics in Norfolk? I have heard a lot of ASC have reopened. I had an appointment for March 25 but they shut everything down March 18. The USCIS website says that the appointments will be automatically rescheduled but I haven't heard anything yet...I though I would be among the firsts to be rescheduled. Thanks.
  10. So, have all ASCs resumed operation? The USCIS's page on office closing is confusing (https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings). I had a appointment scheduled for biometrics and on another page it says you have to contact them if you do not receive a new appointment notice within 90 days of your ACS reopening but how do you know when they reopened? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, Starting the February thread to share the journey with a few people. We sent the I-130 application January 31st from France to the Chicago lockbox. I know it arrived in the US on February 2nd but don't know if it has been delivery yet. I am a french citizen and my wife is a US citizen. We met in Australia where we were both living in 2011 and got married in 2013. We got our first child in 2015 and, while Australia was great, we felt it was too far from our respective families. So we decided to move and I got a good job opportunity in France in June 2016. We thought my wife would be able to find a job speaking only english at first and learning french on the way. It hasn't worked that way so my wife stayed at home looking after our boy and taking french lessons. We got a second child in 2017. Now we have realised that, without speaking french, it will be very difficult for her to find a job in her field, and without a job it will be very difficult for her to become fluent in french as she spends most of her time looking after the kids. So we decided to move again, this time to the US. She has been applying for jobs and we hope she will get one from here and that we will be able to do DCF in Paris then but in the meantime we filed with USCIS to get the process started because it takes so long.... Good luck everyone.
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