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    01/31/19 : I-130 sent from France to Chicago lockbox
    02/06/19 : I-130 NOA1 Nebraska SC
    06/14/19 : applied for L1B visa
    07/17/19 : visa interview at Paris embassy, approved
    09/15/19 : flying to the US, POE Philadelphia International Airport
    12/10/19: sent I-485 application with USPS, they lost the package!
    01/06/20: resent I-485 application with FedEx
    01/09/20: I-130 approved
    01/10/20: received first I-485 package back from USCIS (USPS hadn't lost it after all), figured that my payement was denied because my debit card limit was too low
    01/15/20: case transferred to NVC
    01/27/20: NOA-1 received for I-485, I-765 and I-131 National Benefit Center
    02/12/20: case number received from NVC, email inquiry sent to ask them to send my case back to USCIS

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  1. The documents have to be in English or the language of the country where the embassy is so you don't need translations.
  2. Update. Got my case number from NVC and sent them an inquiry explaining my situation. According to their website, they are now processing emails from mid-December so I guess I have to wait at least 2 months before hearing back from them... It seems that a lot of you got their biometrics appointment already, I haven't.
  3. Hi all, My case was sent to NVC on January 15, still waiting on case number. Does anybody know how long I should expect that to take? Thank you.
  4. I called USCIS to tell them my petition was sent to NVC but I don't need a migrant visa anymore since I am in the US and doing AOS. They told me to call NVC to tell them. Called NVC today at 7AM and had to wait 1h15 to basically be told to send them an email once I have a case number...Why do we have to do the link between the two institutions!
  5. I received a text from USCIS today saying they received my application and the fee was drawn from my account, what a relief! Thank you so much Donald120383 for suggesting to contact my bank, I was able to raise my debit card limit before they tried to process the payement for the second time. So, to clear things out, USCIS does accept debit cards for payement.
  6. Hi rocoblue, There is also a thread dedicated to AOS from K1 in case you hadn't seen it yet:
  7. The bank confirmed they denied the charge because it was over the daily limit I had set, I guess this one is on me after all...😳 However, I have a glimmer of hope as the bank could see only one trial dated 01/10 and my rejection notice is dated 01/13. My second package was delivered 01/08 so I think they haven't tried to charge my card yet and I just raised the limit. Crossing fingers for the next couple of weeks now.🤞
  8. No, I will call them. I just remembered we actually used my wife's american debit card when we filed the I-130 from France and that was no problem. And I just realized that my medical exam expired because it's more than 60 days and the doctor wants me to do another one, she won't just change the date on the form. This is ridiculous, she saw me 2 months ago. I don't even have to redo the lab tests so she just gonna look in my mouth and hears and say "OK, that will be $250, thank you"!
  9. That is confusing. But I checked my package copy again and the card number is right. I am also absolutely sure there was enough money on the account. My guess is that credit card is accepted for online payement but not for mail filing. This paragraph from the I-1450 instructions is even more confusing: "If you submit Form G-1450, USCIS will use the information you provide to process a credit card payment through the U.S. Department of Treasury Pay.gov Trusted Collections Service (TCS). TCS is a web-based application that allows Government agencies to process payments by credit or debit cards."
  10. It turned out that USPS had not lost my package after all (even though they couldn't figure out where it was) but USCIS sent it back to me because they could not process the payment. I used a debit card instead of credit card, there is no distinction between the two in France, they work the same. Of course I sent my second package before I knew that so it will also be returned to me and I have to prepare a third package 🙄 This time I'll use a check... I can't believe they returned the whole package to me (including the opened envelop). Why not just send an RFE, it would save everyone time and money!
  11. Hi all, Sent I-485, I-131, I-765 to Chicago lockbox with FedEx (after USPS lost my first package in December), received on January 8, still no text, email or mail and the money hasn't been drawn from my account. I am AOSing as a US citizen spouse but I am now in the US on an L1B work visa. We filed the I-130 back in France in February 2019 and is has just been accepted. In between I had the opportunity to transfer within my company, hence the work visa. Now USCIS has sent my approved petition to the NVC for consular processing so I have to figure out how they are going to join it with my I-485 application. Waiting for NOA 1 and case number to contact NVC.
  12. Update. I sent my package for I-485 early December with USPS, they lost the package! Had to put together another one and sent it with FedEx this time on 06/01, it was delivered. This morning I got an email from USCIS, I thought it would be for NOA1 but surprise, it was for the approval of our I-130, which I wasn't expecting until February with Nebraska. Now I have to figure out how they are going to join the two....
  13. Hi all, I-130 approved 01/09, PD was 02/06, no I-129. I am actually in the US now on a temporary work visa and just sent my I-485 on Monday....Now I have to figure out how they are going to join them because my I-130 is going to go to NVC as we were in France when we filed. Good luck all.
  14. Hi all, I-130 approved 01/09, PD was 02/06, no I-129. I am actually in the US now on a temporary work visa and just sent my I-485 on Monday....Now I have to figure out how they are going to join them because my I-130 is going to go to NVC as we were in France when we filed. Good luck all.
  15. You cannot pick up your passport at the embassy. The options are to have it sent to your address or pick it up at the location they provide, I think there is only one in Paris actually. You will have to chose what option you want. If there is no problem with your application, it should take only a few days but they do not commit any time.
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