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  1. Nou, ik heb nu ook mijn paspoort en documenten weer. Mikropakket had het pakket vorige week al maar die beweren dat mijn adres niet bestaat. Dus kreeg ik gisteren een telefoontje dst ik het bij het consulaat kon oppikken. Dus vandaag in de hitte maar snel gedaan. Blij dat dit er nu op zit. Deze week de laatste dingen regelen en dan de dagen aftellen tot volgende week vrijdag.
  2. Heb maar contact opgenomen met Mikropakket maar die hebben nog niets. Het consulaat zegt dat de documenten het consulaat wel al verlaten hebben. Nog maar wachten dus, hoop dat ik maandag dan een email krijg om het te traceren.
  3. Mijn status staat nu sinds dinsdag issued, maar heb nog niets gekregen over de verzending of het traceren van de zending. Hoop toch wel dat snel gebeurt want heb mijn passpoort volgende week nodig. Weet iemand toevallig met welk bedrijf ze de documenten versturen?
  4. When i went for my interview a couple of days ago they told everyone that they'd recieve their passport with visa back after about a week. Hell, someone already got theirs issues and it's only been 3 days.
  5. Saw this pop up and figured i'd answer too. Medical in amsterdam was incredibly simple. You get to the doctor, sit down in the waiting room and fill in the required paperwork. You then have to tive some blood, and then back to waiting for your turn. Then when it's your turn you go in, sit down and go through a checklist of a bunch of questions with the doctor. After that he checks your eyesight, bloodpressure and does some poking on your back and chest. You then lay down on the table and he puts some pressure on your stomach to check more stuff. Lastly he's going to ask you to pee in a plastic container. After that whole process(its about 15 minutes) you go to the xray clinic, take off your shirt and put your body against the machine. They take the xray and thats it, all done. The xray technician tells you if they saw something wrong right away. The doc will only contact you if they find something wrong. He'll send the results directly to the embassy, no need to go pick it up.
  6. Got my ticket booked for August second. Still have so much to take care off before then, so it's going to be a busy couple of weeks. I hope my online status changes soon though, it's still stuck on ''Appointment''. And i know the visa packet is coming with a courier, but i hope i have to sign for it or something and they don't just toss it through the mailbox. We have a dog here that's isnt too fond of the mail 😅
  7. We got approved! Everything went to fast and then she told me i got approved, cant totally remember what she said afterwards though?think she told me that it would take 5-7 days for my passport to get back to me. Glad this part is over. Now to prepare for the next step.
  8. Thank you! Good luck tomorrow, lets both hope for the best 😁
  9. Tomorrow at 1, gotta drop off documents at 11 though. Hopefully you're allowed to leave in between, wouldn't want to sit on a waiting room for over an hour in between the 2 things.
  10. Looks like she'll be able to send me a scan of her passport after all, just incase. We only have one Tax return, which was already a pain to get since she own a business besides also having a normal job. So she has someone doing her taxed for her. Pretty sure that person signed for it, should be good right?
  11. Yeah, i just checked. This was a part of Packet 4, second page of the Appointment letter. It saya on the bottom that its a version from January 2018. Hopefully they dont need it, guess i'll find out soon enough.
  12. Well dang. That's going to be an issue then, fiancee is in vegas till after the interview 😐 They should have really put that on the piece of paper with all the other stuff.
  13. I hope so. I'd rather be safe then sorry though since the instructions i got asked for it.
  14. So i'm going over my paperwork for my K1 interview for next week and just had a couple of questions. (Netherlands, Amsterdam consulate) 1. To go along with the Affidavit Of Support, i have Tax Returns(most recent year), a W2, paystubs from the last 3 months, a employment verification letter and my fiancee's payroll transcripts going back a few months. Will this be enough? Or am i maybe overdoing it a bit? 2. When it comes to proof of relationship i have printouts of several plane tickets, updated letters of intent, about 40/50 pictures covering our 4 visits and about 10 pages of whatsapp screenshots that cover the time from when we filled to now. Is there anything i'm forgetting, or should this be plenty? Any tips or help would be very much appreciated!
  15. Figured i'd try to get this anwsered here since i dont want to clog up the forum. We got the Tax Returns, but they have giant CLIENT COPY watermarks on all the pages. Will that be an issue for them? I can remove them in adobe if it is.
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