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  1. You already have your green card there is nothing more you need to do...
  2. AftM89

    South African K1 Visa applicants

    Wow congratulations to you hopefully they schedule you soon....unfortunately I got an RFE again yesterday
  3. I got a response in 7 days after RFE they are working randomly now cause I submitted on 02/07 and responded on 02/14
  4. Yeah they want the IRS transcript now just try and get it online send it to them,hang in there it’s almost over
  5. Not positive at all but well it’s part of the process hoping for positive news next time
  6. For me it didn’t affect my timeline cause I uploaded on 02/02 then I uploaded more on 02/07 but I got a response today so not knowing how cases are being reviewed
  7. @Mrsamoah2019 congrats happy for you that was really quick
  8. Proof of employment and assets first one was for IRS transcript and marriage certificate that was sideways but surprisingly they accepted it sideways like that
  9. @Marie85 yes I got the first RFE on 02/02 and I submitted on 02/07 and today I got another 02/14 I don’t know why they didn’t ask for all of the things before on the first RFE or maybe it’s a different person who reviewed my file I don’t know but I hope this is the last one....
  10. Just got another RFE 😭😭😭😭 7 days after submitting additional,I hope this time there won’t be another one please Lord need to be done with this
  11. There was a case complete for 02/02 so a few more days I’m 02/07 RFE
  12. I initially submitted on 01/21 got a reply for sideways marriage certificate and IRS transcript on 02/02 and uploaded on 02/07 so have one more week of waiting to go