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  1. I applied in December 2021 had my interview 2 days afterwards and had my oath ceremony already.Dallas field office
  2. I had my oath ceremony today and it was less than 5 mins I was the only one lol after Saturday interview 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Finally done now left with n600 for my son and I’m done with immigration lol.All the best to everyone
  3. Mine showed scheduled and notice mailed after a few hours continue checking and you can actually download and view the notice
  4. It went well I have my oath ceremony tonight at 7pm.They asked me 6 questions for the civics test, had to read out a sentence and write down a sentence for my English reading and writing.Also asked if I travelled out of the country recently and after that they said congratulations.They didn’t even ask to see my tax transcripts or any other document.I requested name change and gave my marriage certificate and it was updated.
  5. When you get a response let me know mind got cancelled today was scheduled for tomorrow so I don’t know how to go about it.
  6. I had my interview yesterday 04/02/22and i was approved.Had been given a notice to come tomorrow 04/04/22 for oath but received a notification that it was cancelled.Officer had recommended me to do it early since I’m heavily pregnant and I have the notice in hand.Any advise on what to do???
  7. I applied december 2021 and have my interview this coming Saturday
  8. I’m the same with you on 5 year residency and interviewing in April ,fingers crossed we get this over and done with
  9. Anyone ever tell you that you are awesome,if not then I’m letting you know today😊😊I just saw my interview date and time💃🏽💃🏽
  10. Woop Woop happy for you ,I just got my interview notice today waiting to see my interview date but I applied 12/20/21 online though I’m based in Dallas.
  11. I applied in Dec 2021 and they immediately said reusing biometrics and case is being actively reviewed and wait time is 14 months .Local office is Dallas Texas but I filed online
  12. I am in the same situation though I filed for my n400 in December2021 so kinda in a long wait.I got married March 2016 and divorced April 2019 officially.I got my 10 yr green card in 2020 with a divorce waiver.Please do let me know if there is anything more they will require from you at the interview.All the best and I believe you will be just fine
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