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  1. My package was haphazard,no cover letter or binder just papers I put in an envelope and I got approved without RFE or interview and was a divorcee so just put the important documents only and also the height issue no one gives 2 hoots about it lol so don’t worry
  2. It’s been 7 years he could have married someone else in that time and it is enough time to have gotten his citizenship,why are you worried about him being legal?Do you suspect he might have filed on his own using your name?
  3. It took 8 months for Nebraska to approve my case,I filed feb 2018 approved oct 2018 then NVC done by feb 2019 child was here May 2019
  4. Married March 2016 and divorced in April 2019 got my first green card in 2017
  5. I just sent lease agreements,bank statements,car insurance,pictures and sworn affidavits from friends.My file really didn’t have much and I divorced after I had filed so I sent the divorce decree in May 2019 Yes no interview as I had one for my first green card and no RFE too
  6. No I didn’t I did a divorce waiver so eligible for n-400 next year but I’m happy this part is over
  7. Texas filer for dec2018 case was at received till Saturday when I got the new card is being produced,did biometrics in November and it never updated.Im just glad this part is the journey is over and can breathe
  8. SRC filer,new Card being produced filed December 2018 But case received Jan 2nd 2019,fingerprints done November 8th 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 No second interview or RFE, CR6.Thank you Jesus Me too☺️☺️☺️
  9. Hi SRC here did fingerprint on the 8th too but my case still says received....congrats to you I’m SRC19901484XX
  10. Anytime from 2weeks to 3 months and from my understanding India has a lot of applicants so it might take longer than that
  11. I filed for my son feb 2018 and he is here already for more than 6 months and your case is outside of normal processing time in feb 2019 I was already at NVC so you need to call them and find out what’s going on
  12. Just did biometrics fir SRC in Fort Worth was in and out in less than an hour hope things start moving now
  13. What I mean is to avoid your wife going there for interview she can write the letter,I did that and only went to pick up my son after the visa was issued
  14. Your wife needs to write a letter saying that her parents have custody over the child and it needs to be with the paperwork that they submit at the interview
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