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  1. I did not know that. Thank you for the tip! Do I need to sign up for that prior? Like Global Entry or Sentri?
  2. I will be visiting Mexico for some dental work. In addition to my green card and Mexican passport, what other documentation do you guys recommend I have with me for crossing back to US? This will be my first time going back to Mexico since coming to US and obtaining green card.
  3. I do not think that your I-94 is extended, but I could be wrong and am curious what more seasoned members advise. Once it expires, you are in a period of authorized stay by virtue of filing for green card.
  4. Yes, but only for Part 6 #7 and #20. You would back it up by providing a benefits letter or SS statement. https://cliniclegal.org/resources/five-most-common-mistakes-completing-i-864 "... include social security retirement or disability, as well as unemployment or workers compensation. " For Part 6 #24 a-c, you can only put what is reported on your tax return.
  5. Suggest trying other banks. We were able to open accounts during AOS with just a passport.
  6. Uh duh because maybe she was confused in May, and is still slightly confused now. You're so rude in this post and in OPs current post. Geez get off your high horse.
  7. Not sure what you mean by adjustment of status has expired. Are you referring to the form? If so, the most current I-485 is the 12/13/17 edition, which states it expired on 6/30/19, but it is still the most current and therefore accepted form. Regarding finances, if your future wife does not meet the financial requirements to sponsor you, she will still be your primary sponsor, but you would have to find a joint, or co-sponsor.
  8. Link to Advanced Directives in Maryland. It's totally free. http://www.marylandattorneygeneral.gov/Pages/HealthPolicy/AdvanceDirectives.aspx Download, fill out, print, sign along with two witnesses, done. Also, google "maryland power or attorney". The attorney general of maryland has the forms you need for wills, power's of attorney, etc. Same process, download, fill out, print, sign, done.
  9. Since you are in the US, your best way to stay and not leave the US is to marry in the US and file for adjustment of status. No need to leave and file K-1 or CR-1 from UK, unless you want to. You would still have to wait for EAD or GC, whichever comes first, to be able to work. It sounds like your main concern is just being able to stay in the US to stay a father figure to the child, not necessarily working, so my advice would be to just get married.
  10. Knowing one's rights in order to not be taken advantage of by ICE or any law enforcement agency is not evasion.
  11. Yes. We submitted our IRS Tax Return Transcripts that way, and were approved.
  12. Thank you. I realize I sort of hijacked OPs thread, but greatly appreciate the information.
  13. Thank you. So in the scenario above, does CBP at POE have the authority to demand one hand over their GC, or should one refuse until told to do so my an immigration judge?
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