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  1. Agreed. No one has mentioned it yet in this post, but CBP is stationed at domestic airports within the US-Mexico border region, and they are checking for the status of people getting on domestic flights. I see them all day, every day. Below is a great threat on the subject that talks about what documents to carry with you at various stages of the process.
  2. I would encourage you to muster up the courage to do so anyway. They are professionals who should know how to make you feel at ease. They hear stories like your all the time. You're not alone. Taking the first step is never easy, but once you do it will be a huge relief off of your shoulders.
  3. Try contacting a family crisis center who helps people are are abused. I'm sure they would be able to put you in contact with a pro bono attorney organization that might be able to help you with your divorce.
  4. junkmart

    IR-2 visa

    The information at this link may answer your questions. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/us-citizenship/Acquisition-US-Citizenship-Child-Born-Abroad.html
  5. Was your I-94 expired by the time you traveled domestically with your NOA?
  6. I would agree wholeheartedly with what your attorney friend said. White privilege is alive and well. I have benefited from it countless times in my younger years, especially during traffic stops.
  7. It can depends on circumstances. If the immigrant is currently out of status and pending NOA-1, then things could get tricky if the immigrant is stopped and asked for ID. Since the immigrant will not have anything authorizing them to be in the country, they could be detained. For instance, I was in the US on B-2 when I met and married my USC spouse. My I-94 has expired, and I'm waiting for NOA-1. My attorney advised me to keep a low profile, not drive anywhere, and not travel. Out of an abundance of caution, she advised me not to do any of those things until I get my EAD. Also, if you will be traveling through a border patrol checkpoint, for instance when traveling north from the border region of Texas, you will most likely have a problem.
  8. junkmart

    Filing taxes

    You and your spouse may choose to treat your spouse as a RA for tax purposes, even if your spouse is not residing in the US or does not meet the substantial presence test. If you choose this route, you must report all income, including your spouse's foreign income, if any, as worldwide income. In order to prevent double taxation on your spouse's foreign income, you may be able to file either 2555 FEIE or 1116 FTC.
  9. It doesn't make any sense to me either. If you provided the IRS transcript for the return for which they are requested the W-2, that seems redundant. Perhaps someone at USCIS does not know what they are doing, but that is just speculation. "Perhaps I shouldnt have submitted his W2 and only submit the transcripts." Bingo, I think that is what is causing the confusion on their end, but I do not know how to resolve. Keep us posted and good luck!
  10. I went to CAA instead of an IRS TAC to have my passport authenticated. I'm not sure if TACs work the same way, but here was my experience. I went to the CAA with my completed forms (1040, W-7, etc.) and passport. The CAA authenticated my passport and gave me a Certificate of Accuracy (COA). They also filled out the bottom of the W-7. I mailed all my forms to the address listed in the W-7 instructions, not the 1040 instructions. My package was in the following order: W-7 COA Copy of passport 1040 Schedule 3 1116 Foreign Tax Credit 8965 Health Coverage Exemption
  11. Thank you for clarifying. It sounded like you were saying that filing single while married was acceptable to the IRS.
  12. So wait what? You’re saying that one can file as single even when one is married? Please provide your source, because that is news to me. I stand by what I previously said.
  13. I agree with this, except that prep was $149.99 for complex case with ITIN at HR Block. Honestly, I think I knew more than the preparer did about my particular situation.
  14. I went to HR Block this year. Complex tax prep + W-7 prep was $149.99. I ended up only using them to verify passport and provide a W-7 COA (Certificate of Authenticity) for the W-7 application, which cost $25. The reason I did not have them prep my return is because I had already figured out my 1040 and 1116 Foreign Tax Credit. The preparer said that since it looked like I had everything under control, that she could just do the W-7 COA for $25!
  15. You don't wait for the ITIN, and then file your taxes. You file the W-7 with your tax return.