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  1. Yes my husband got his social but we waited one month since we checked the box to automatically ship and he got nothing ...so we went in the office and they said there was no record and had to verify some more info so it took another three weeks then they sent it. I wouldn't recommend waiting longer than three weeks to a month before going in the office. They just look up the info and have them fill out a new application ...
  2. Hello so it's 3 days before my husband hits 120 days from when we paid the green card fees. I am getting a little worried that it has not been sent to us. Has anyone experienced this? It does say wait up to 120 days, but yeah. Someone else I know said she got hers 2 weeks before the 120 days...
  3. @Siddsgal so i changed my last name after I submitted the application because I didn’t know I could legally change my name here. I went into the social security office and took our marriage certificate, application for name change, driver’s license and birth certificate (just Incase). She only asked for the application, ID, and certificate. She then talked about the wedding and asked if I had pics and I showed her from my phone (but I think that was just to see our Indian wedding not a process). And that was it. Since it’s giving you an option of an interview, I would physically go in with all the documents you have. Trust me, when you go through this process there are going to be a lot of no’s because a lot of people do not know the immigration system. After I got my social I went to the DMV and they told me my marriage did not count as real because they didn’t recognize my certificate and the Mumbai stamp. Took me 3 times going in and talking to the manager to get my name changed on my drivers license. Finally they realized after calling people who knew. Even now my husband is in the US and everything we are doing like social security, DMV...has to all be double verified because they can’t find him in the system at first (and the Yes box on the ds260 on whether you want the social to arrive without paper work doesn’t work..we waited a month and nothing came so we had to go in the office) ....so ya it’s a continuous struggle, but since everything is legit ..they can’t say no ..it’s just frustrating. but back to your question , apply under your current name on your social and ID and then once it’s changed , you submit copies to USCIS through mail to show them the name changes and they update it. Try to do it before it moves to the NVC stage. Sorry for writing so much. Let me know if you have any questions through message also...my husband was approved in November ...good luck
  4. @Siddsgal no worries ! We all have questions with processes ! It seems never ending haha something always happens 🥴
  5. So this may sound dumb ....but I thought we could register our marriage in the US once my husband arrived ..I came to the county clerks office and they said they cannot since we married in India and already have a certificate. Is this true ? I don’t know why I thought even though we married I’m India, we still needed to register in the US?
  6. Hello, My husband just received his social security, but not his green card yet. Rapid Visa told me that he cannot get his CA state ID or driver's license until he has his actual green card. Then my dad said he cant apply for a job until he has a state ID. Anyone who has gone through this can you please let me know what is correct. I thought once he had his social card he could apply with his passport and visa.
  7. Ours was at the end of the month the 21st... exactly 90 days from being approved with NVC.
  8. It depends on the officer I think... My husband arrived on a Spouse visa and the first officer collected the slip you need to fill out at entry and then called another officer to verify his information.... that took 10 min then another officer came out and called us to the side and said they couldnt find his paper work and asked if we had any other proof.. then he said he found it. And just kept asking the date we got married. That's why I don't like the electronic version now.. anywho... It was just worrisome, but that was it. Then he signed a paper stating we have to reapply before it expires and stamped his visa... Another person on here said they called her into a room and she sat there for about 5 minutes and didn't ask her anything and then gave her the stamp. So its all different.
  9. It’s been two weeks and two days and still no social it’s lame there is no way to track it and as told me to wait
  10. I used Rapid Visa for my husbands Spousal Visa (basic one)... although people say you can do it yourself... I still wanted that extra help and previously for our fiance visa...I had a lawyer and had a terrible experience. Anywho... So YES there are some agents that are rude and you will raise your voice because some are just frustrating..But there are some that are helpful... you can always chat live or messege them if you don't want to call and remember the names of the good agents that are helpful... I felt sometimes like they weren't giving me the correct information and would call back or go on chat to double check. And I always double checked on this site also. Either way you're going to do alot of research.... but in the end we got approved lol And they really did help me with questions I had on the applications and how to organize things... 3000 is alot though... are you doing multiple applications? But yeah... it really is up to you and whether you want a third party to help you or not we all have done it our own ways
  11. I also have not received my husbands green card... I am worried because at the airport the officer had trouble finding his papers, but said he did after, but it was confusing. I wish I didnt check mark the YES on the DS260 so I could have just applied at the office.
  12. Hi I know this will sound dumb... but what is the I 94 and EAD?
  13. @missileman Hi so Rapid Visa told me the social security card will not arrive until the Green card is sent. BUT I was told the green card does not come for up to 6 months. I am worried... this is incorrect right? From what I understood is the social security card would come sooner... :/
  14. Hello, is there a way to find out online if my husbands social security is being processed ? I was told since we put “yes” on the DS 160 for Social Security to process, that it would automatically be sent... he arrived in the states two days ago...and it’s hard for me to get out of work on time to go to the office...(can’t request time off since I just took 3 weeks) thanks
  15. If we already have our visa and will be flying back to the US Wednesday...does this affect us? Do I need proof? I am planning on adding him to my work medical insurance...
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