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  1. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    @sherv I’m thinking we may get the October ones ... hopefully
  2. Is this a K1...when were you approved with NVC ...I’m doing a spousal and got approved end of June and still have no interview info..
  3. Thank you all for sharing...I think I may just make a short trip..it’s hard to convince work since I already have time off for the interview whenever that is...but maybe I will split it up sigh ...but you all are right we are so close to the end to give up now
  4. Have any of you ever felt like just giving up on the immigration process and moving to your spouses home country ? I know others wait a very long time , but I’m getting to the point of just giving up and being with him. The only thing is we have gotten so far I don’t want to feel like we didn’t try....but I don’t know I miss him a lot ...someone slap some sense into me #frustrated Stage: waiting for the interview date..
  5. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    Thank you for the information
  6. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    I have not I’m guessing we didn’t get September ...I really miss my husband and my work only allowed me a month for the whole year for the interview ...do you think it would be safe to go end of September to October ..I feel like the interview would be in October if we didn’t get September ...sigh
  7. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    @sherv do you know when they start notifying us if we got a September interview ?
  8. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    @sherv How long did it take your friends ? Months wise to get an interview ?
  9. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    @Randomname1991 just Incase you want to hear from others also
  10. Sorry I am doing the Spousal Visa and I am at the NVC stage. That's all I know... But I am waiting for the interview date.... Ok so I would just need to take proof to the immigration officer? Not anything with the NVC?
  11. Hello, all of my paperwork has been submitted and we are waiting for our interview. I will be moving addresses next month and I am worried this will affect our papers. Who would I inform that my address has changed or would I give my husband proof to take to his interview?
  12. @sonicview Everything has gone through, but I am still waiting for the interview date so not yet
  13. I did not get an RFE for ours. It is from Mumbai and has Hindi written and English.
  14. Cg2008

    NVC to Mumbai

    Awww yeah I didn’t hear anything either ...I hope it’s September 🙏🏻
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