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  1. I also applied for one with my EAD and while my EAD did arrive I decided to go to the SSA since I highly doubted that I would get one (we changed address 2 times in the process) and turns out that they had nothing in their system regarding any SSN for me, so I gave the nice lady my EAD and birth certificate (I had more stuff but she didn't need any), she put some stuff in the computer and in a matter of 10 minutes everything went smoothly and she said my SSN would arrive in the mail in about a week. Since you received your Greencard before your EAD I highly recommend just going to the SSA and applying right for one right there.
  2. Oh that's kinda weird but lucky you! We went and they had absolutely nothing in their system regarding any SSN for me so I just showed my EAD and birth certificate (I had more documents but she didn't care to see them) didn't even issue me a notice and just said that I should get it in a week, I guess it was a good thing I went instead of waiting for something that was never gonna arrive since I applied for one with my EAD back when we sent the application 🤷‍♀️
  3. Sorry yeah, I got my EAD about a while now, I updated my timeline Is there a website I can check the status of my SSN application or even see if they already sent the card?
  4. Thanks! You're answers were super helpful! We got this exactly so I'm not scared anymore to keep on applying for jobs, the lady at the office was incredibly helpful and nice and she said that I should get it in a week.
  5. I'm in the process of getting one but I really really don't want to wait up to a month of not working if possible.
  6. Well, that's kinda sucky... I'm going to my SSA office today to ask for my SSN and if they tell me that I already have one then hopefully they can give it to me in a paper or something...
  7. So my SSN story is very long so to make to make matters short here's a brief summary: Came to the U.S. on August 2019 on a K-1 visa to marry my now husband, did the mistake of not getting a SSN prior to getting married so went after getting married (way before day 79 of my K-1) , presented marriage certificate, immigration documentation, unsuccessful, couldn't find me on the database, said that there was conflicting information on the system so issued a paper that said that they would make a decision in 2 months, that I would get a notice of said decision, never got it, end of trying to get an SSN. Fast forward to present day: Asked to get SSN with EAD, received EAD 2 days ago, haven't gotten SSN and probably never will since I changed address. Can I just go to my SSA office on Friday and ask for one now that I have my EAD? Would they issue me my number on the spot? Thanks in advance, this whole SSN issue has been a nightmare ever since I tried getting one.
  8. Final update! Today I received my EAD card ! After some running around and talking with the nice post office people, I was able to pick it up before they were on route to ship it to my old address and so... here's the entire timeline: Feb 6: "New card being produced" Feb 7: "Your case has been approved" Feb 11: "Your card was mailed" Feb 12: "Your card was picked up by USPS" Feb 15: CARD IN HAND 9 days total SSN still yet to be found 👀
  9. Thanks! Turns out that it is indeed arriving tomorrow, and yeah, I guess I was being a tad bit pessimistic, having my EAD is a blessing in and on itself
  10. No I don't have a job offer "waiting for me" in the weekend, but just because I don't have a job offer with me at the moment doesn't mean that I feel fully comfortable applying to jobs just yet without knowing that my work permit is 100% with me. That was a completely unnecessary rude comment in regards to my question.
  11. Hey @RachelBounty, did you get your card on Thursday? My status updated to the dreaded USPS: "your package is moving within the USPS network..." Which tells me that I'm probably not gonna get my card until Monday in comparison to Saturday (one sh** after the other 🙄) Did you get the same status update on yours at one point?
  12. Thank you! I called and turns out that they did actually answer and the guy was very kind, he said he would write a note so that they know not to deliver the package and I can go pick it up ! Now onto wondering about my SSN...
  13. I tried the intercept package option that @PP31 mentioned but up to no success because it says that it "doesn't qualify" for the service (even though it does because it is priority mail) How were you able to contact your local USPS? I've tried looking for my local USPS office phone number but the only one I get is the same one for everyone, the "national" USPS phone number, I did find this website though http://www.postallocations.com/ and it does give me a different phone number for the post offices but I don't know if it actually works ...
  14. Thank you for the answers but I really really don't want to do that if possible... Just so I'm clear, the card is not yet out for delivery, nor has it arrive the post office even, it's still in transit all the way from Tennessee.
  15. Hello everyone, as you can expect, I am panicking so hard because this is something that I've been waiting for for half a year and I definitely do NOT want it to get lost or misdelivered. So despite my several calls to different USCIS representatives who assured me that despite my address still not being updated to my new one that whenever they sent my EAD card they could see that a change of address took effect and that my card would be delivered to that address, today I got my tracking number and guess what? It's being sent to my OLD address. I'm panicking super super hard, what are my options please? ( if it helps, it used to be an apartment complex) Thank you EDIT: I also applied for an SSN with it, does this mean that I'll have to go to my SSA to get one since this would be misdelivered too?
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