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  1. Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've posted here and quite a bit of stuff has happened (some good, others not so much 😅) but I wanted to give you all a status update Biggest thing is that after having had my AOS interview almost 2 months ago, the status of my case finally switched on the 24th to "We ordered your new card" and yesterday it went to "Case was approved" I cannot tell you how much of a relief this was as my work permit had expired (dreadful situation) and I really thought I was in it for the long haul when it came to the waiting game, thinking I would be waiting a whole 120 days before anything happened. I did call up my congressman's office for help at the beginning of the month (they sent a congressional inquiry about a week later) as well as sent an e-request via the USCIS website and to this day my best bet is that the e-request got them going since it said I would hear an update on the 24th and I sure did haha 🤣 Don't lose hope folks! This has been such a long and arduous journey and with COVID messing everything up I really hope this is the worst that things will ever come to be... Good luck 🥰
  2. We used to live in an apartment when I got my EAD and they just left it in our apartment's mail box
  3. My EAD expired in Feb 5th and I (foolishly so) sent my EAD renewal packet in January and they got it in the lockbox on the 27th but no word from USCIS yet (not even the text) When me & my husband filed our AOS packet I remember we got a pretty speedy NOA1 for everything we sent. Does anybody know if this is normal?
  4. So I've been snooping around and it seems like Utah is one of those places that's not too relevant to have a thread on it's own so I decided to make one myself! Here Utah filers can discuss & share their timelines, progress, issues with their cases, etc. I'll start by adding my timeline so far: AOS sent: 10/22/2019 NOA1: 11/06/2019 Biometrics appointment: 12/04/2019 RFIE: 12/27/2019 RFIE response sent: 01/07/2020 RFIE received by USCIS: 01/10/2020 Case is ready to be scheduled for interview: 01/31/2020 Best of success to everyone out there!
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