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  1. We sent off our packet just yesterday! I'm so scared for a RFE since I want this to be as smooth as possible of a process but, good luck to everyone in the beginning of this tough journey
  2. Thank you so much for the responses ♥️ This process is anything but stressful (and it’s only the beginning 😅)
  3. Oh also... We paper clipped the passport photos to the I-129F itself, no little zip lock bags or anything like that... We also paper clipped very neatly the whole application since it ended being a tad bit bulky, no folders or anything like that. We also sent off 3 little brown baggies which contain pictures of us or gifts, etc. For example: "Proof of having met within the last 2 years" sealed with some tape, not attached to the petition itself since it was impossible because of how bulky it ended up being. And no, the brown baggies do not have the petitioners name nor signature ( I know🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️) Is there any chance that these baggies will be lost, they are inside the envelope itself alongside the packet? I know a lot of these things are rookie mistakes. Am I just overreacting or does all this scream trouble/RFE or even outright denial?
  4. Guys I have a question. Today we sent out our packet and... We just saw that pretty much everyone labeled the petitioner and beneficiary passport photos on the back with each corresponding name. And of course, we forgot and re saw this once the packet had been sent 🤦‍♀️ Is this enough of a reason for a RFE? My gut tells me that yes... If it helps at all, the CBP lady on my last trip stamped the entrance seal on the page that is right next to where my U.S. tourist visa page is, which shows my face and information of course. This part of my passport was scanned and photocopied and sent off with the packet. Will that be enough to save us perhaps? Thank you in advance for any promptly response.
  5. Hello Everyone! This is my first post over here so please be as kind as possible (A little bit scared of everything 😅) LONG READ! I'M VERY SORRY FOR THE LENGTH 😓 So my future to be fiance and I are planning to file for the K-1 Visa in March We met each other at the beginning of July, 2018 via the website OkCupid. From July up until November was our 1st time meeting each other, 4 months of wait, 7 days was the time that I stayed over at the U.S. (He's from Utah, 20 year old guy going to 21 in 2019 and I'm from Costa Rica, 19 year old girl going to 20 in 2019) We probably have accumulated well over a 1000 thousand messages over WhatsApp (We talk in a daily basis practically) over a 1000 Snaps, by now hundreds of images exchanged via Instagram (We implemented this around late October, awesome for the relationship, we can share our quirky little humour over there as always have something to talk about either via WhatsApp or Skype, helps as a nice distraction 😊) we've made over 80 + videos for one another up until this point, and we Skype each other 3 times a week, with calls ranging from 2:30 - 3:00 Hours in length. Gifts have been given too, expenses from his end have been made (he spent around $150 when I went there, I have the receipts of everything we did together) he paid for the ticket the 1st time I came around, I paid for it this time and the most immemorable "official" girlfriend event was made by him, and much more 😋 Like every couple we've had our up's and down's but at the end of the day, as harsh as it may be, I'm glad we are long distance, I think long distance relationships show the best and the worst of people, and it's up to you if that's what you want or not, in comparison to how a "normal" couple relationship progress, he's very much what I want despite the adversities. maturity plays a big role too, and for us, these 8 months of long distance feel like a year or so of "real life" couple progess. And so... Our next meetup will be in March and that's when we originally planned to get engaged and file for the K-1 Visa (he's gonna buy me a laptop so that we can play games together too and make the relationship even much more smoother, I love him ) More pictures will be taken (we're naturally shy and introverted people + we're not really like your average couple who takes 1000's of pictures together and whatnot, kinda regret it... I do have a lot of pictures from the 1st trip though) from the 2 of us, pictures with his family and friends will be taken (meeting his family was a very rushed event, almost at the end of my stay, and since they are mormon and neither he nor I are, it was kind of complicated and taboo to tell them that I was officially his girlfriend, that would've been a whole lot of drama that we preferred to skip) with his family, friends, gathering of approval letters from both our parents and friends will be compiled and right now we are also exchanging actual love letters too. However, he suggested we wait atleast until August since perhaps knowing each other for 1 year and 2 months rather than 8 months was better (the next meetup would be until August btw, vacations are hard to get for the both of us since we both work, and he studies too) now I have a lot of counter arguments as to why this would be more negative than positive, I think we have lots of factors that play in our favor, but there may be downsides too... But I want the opinion from people over here at the forum, their experience, and much more. my question is: as of 2019, with the current U.S. political climate in regards to immigration, how advisable, knowing all this information, would it be for us to file in March? Should we attach a note at the end of the i-129f explaining the circumstances as to why only 2 visits in 8 months and why we are deciding to get married after 8 months of knowing each other? Any tips, pros and cons of the relationship, when to file, experiences with Costa Rican embassy, anything and everything would be greatly appreciated from our end, thank you very much in advance if you took the time to read this!!!