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  1. From what I’ve heard and experienced myself it seems that now they have two COs in Kyiv embassy. One CO doesn’t allow the petitioner to be present at the interview (woman) and another one speaks to both, beneficiary and petitioner. Our case was kinda with red flags and I got couple of not very nice questions but was approved without my fiancé being present. My fiancé was super busy at that time too with work and I really didn’t want him to be stressed trying to squeeze that trip in his busy period...
  2. I don’t remember I ever used my internal passport in the k1 process. The MRV fee receipt has date of birth in it’s number, I believe that’s how they connect it to specific person. I wouldn’t change it to internal.
  3. We booked a flight 20 days after interview. I think 10 days is pretty safe. It took 7 days to get my visa (including weekend and 1 day of national holiday), so it was like 4 working days.
  4. How did it go? Mine is tomorrow.. What questions did they ask? Congrats!!!

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  5. Hi guys! They opened June and July so you can reschedule now. I kinda felt that would happen, cause they never opened July Good luck:)
  6. Thanks! Yes.. but not always you can get everything at Medicom as far as I got them (some vaccines can't be done together; for some revaccination is needed in four weeks; some vaccines they just do not have). In this case I believe they just fill whatever I have at the moment to form DS-3025 and if something is missing I just need to take a translation of proof I got the rest after medical. Is this sound right?
  7. Medicom has DPT vaccines (50$, I believe she said the type they have is required to be done once) and Varicella (twice: 64$+$64). For Measles they do not have as far as I remember. Well, I will try to do free shots in my family doctor, I honestly do not think there is any difference and do Varicalla elsewhere, cause this one is not required in Ukraine so it is not FOC. Maybe you fiancee will have antibodies to Varicella and Measles, so she won't need any or maybe only one. Unfortunately I do not have antibodies (I already checked them in private laboratory)
  8. Yes right it is not required for k1, but she will need it later for AOS. The translation is also not required, they have thier own certified form, and they will put everything from old records to this form, also they will do IgG blood tests no matter what she has in her records, because ppl here sometimes buy all this papers.. I just want to be sure I won't need to be busy with this stuff in US..
  9. Hi, I was trying to figure out what vaccine shots I need, so maybe you will find this info helpful. This is only for Ukraine, I called Medicom couple of times already lol I advice to pay attention to this 3 vaccines: 1. DPT vaccine (АКДС). It has to be not older than 10 years. Needs to be repeated if more than 10 years passed from the last one. Can be made for free by family doc (not sure how many times, depends on vaccine). 2. Varicella (Вітрянка). For this one you have to do blood test for Varicella Zoster Virus, IgG. If there are no antibodies this shot is also needed. This one is not free, only can be made in private medical centers (2 times), $60 each approx. 3. MMR (КПК). No matter if this was done before, anti-Measles virus IgG test is needed. In case if there are no antibodies the shot is required. THIS IS A NEW REQIUREMENT. The girl from call center said this rule is from yesterday and it is extremely strict, cause we have a lot of measles lately. Can be made for free by family doc. It seems i need all three even though i didn't miss any vaccine shots when I was a child....frustrating... In case some shots will be made after medical they advice to make a translation of paper that prooves this and take it to US.
  10. Ukraine switched to biometric passports in 2016, so pretty much everyone has recently renewed thier passports. It takes 1 day to renew driver's license and 5 days to get international driver's license.. I only wish I haven't quit my job this early... bummer 😆I think I need to find a new one
  11. Yes, mine was frozen for approximately 60 hours including weekend, maybe it will be quicker in your case... Guys from call center told me some message was supposed to pop up about "too much activity", but I didn't get any.
  12. They probably blocked you for 24-72 hours for too much activity. They have limit for checking available dates/checking if your payment was processed. I had the same problem.
  13. I had it in my profile as shown on pic, but now it disappeared. I am not sure how it works. Maybe they will be available after payment and all info that is missing or maybe nothing is available.
  14. Yes, you were right! This is my last week at work so I'm going to do everything next week (including medical). My fiance did say "It would be nice if you were here on 4th of July with me" but I didn't accept that challenge
  15. Our petition was sent today too Yes, I almost finished completing DS-160, now waiting for my fiance to check it:) You can save it on any stage and get back later. I am going to pay before the end of this month to be able to schedule interview. It seems they don't have available June dates now and July will be opened 31 May or 1 June. You can create account http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/ua/ to see available dates. Several days ago nearest date was "June 27" now it is nothing there... PS we were in Bukovel this past winter too
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