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  1. From the spreadsheet, it looks like their CC was July 18, 2019 and IL on August 8, 2019 and Interview on Sep 6, 2019 at Mumbai for CR-1 / IR-1. So far, two people got Sep dates already who are CR-1/IR-1 and both CC were very recent.
  2. Contacted the Embassy and was told that my file is under process at NVC. Contacted NVC and was told that they are waiting for the Embassy to send them interview dates. 😂
  3. July Visa Statistics will clear the fog on whether Mumbai had more applicants than slots or were they simply prioritizing other categories.
  4. During the interview, do we need to carry the original Affidavit of Support I-864 / I-864A ?
  5. IR(1,5) category is always slowed down this time of the year at Mumbai from what I have observed from reading various forums on the internet. Also, I had friends who had IR-1 and IR-5 category last year and year before that and they had to wait roughly 90+ days to get IL, both around summer time. I guess Mumbai is prioritizing F1 and F2A over IR irrespective of the DQ dates. I just don't understand why can we not schedule our own interviews?
  6. Yes, exactly! From what we have understood after talking to USTravelDocs and NVC is that it is a two-step process. First, the NVC requests interview dates in batches based on CC dates and then the Consulate sends back a list of available slots (they are usually pretty quick). Shortly after, NVC sends the Consulate the entire case packet so that the consulate can have it in their system before the date NVC scheduled the interview. While in case of an expedite, the packet is immediately forwarded to the consulate and the applicant can schedule their interview right away. So when NVC will decide it is the right time to request an interview date, only then we will get an interview date at the consulate. It is so frustrating that we have to wait unnecessarily for our interview dates when we can easily schedule them ourselves!
  7. On UStraveldocs, there were numerous immigrant visa slots available at Mumbai Consulate, even for July. I am not sure if I am looking at the correct schedule, but it looks like NVC is the one causing delay cause if it wasn't the IL from NVC, we could simply schedule our own immigrant visa interview this month, and even possibly this week!
  8. I was looking at the appointment schedule for immigrant visas at Mumbai and this is what I found. I am not sure if this is correct, but it looks they have a lot of slots available.
  9. I was wondering how long does it typically take to receive the interview date after CC. Also, my spouse has some of her documents laminated, will that be an issue at the interview?
  10. Any recent CC ? We re-uploaded documents on June 5 and still haven't heard back.
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