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  1. What do we need if my USC fiancee is self-employed?
  2. What type if refusal is it classed as then? What reason for being refused entry will I write on the DS-160?
  3. When you check your ESTA application online, does it tell you that it is approved or denied?
  4. My US Citizen fiancee has been arrested once because the police officer found he hadn't taxed his vehicle and also has had to pay a fine before for a traffic related incident but that was under $500. None of his vehicle related incidents were about drink driving and he didn't harm anyone. Does any of this have to be put in the criminal history section on the i129f?
  5. Ella and James

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Do you have a picture of the business card he left?
  6. Great! Looking forward to that day!
  7. If our NOA2 gets lost in the post and the online case tracker doesn't update that we are approved, will we be sent something once it reaches the consulate? Little worried as my US fiancee's postbox is shared with his family and they have lost some post in the past...
  8. Hello. The immigration officers said on my attempt to enter U.S. (when I got refused entry) that I had lied to them since I changed my mind on my first and only trip to the U.S. about when I was coming back (but I didn't stay longer than the 90 days which the visa waiver allows). Do you think that this could be brought up in the interview?
  9. Ella and James

    Affidavit of Support Question

    Will only one most recent tax return be required to take to the interview if he is self-employed?
  10. What happens if they didn't tell me why they refused me entry, didn't give me a written document etc.?
  11. No I wasn't deported :). Could they ask me what my intentions were for trying to come over to the U.S. at that time that I got refused entry or even ask me again if I was lying about my friend (who is now my fiancee) being more than just a friend? I went through hell during that interrogation and I sooo don't want to have any more instances like that one...
  12. The CO never issued me a formal written document describing that I had been refused entry and why. They called me a liar though and didn't believe I was telling them the truth.
  13. What did they ask you about it? I had been in the U.S. on a visa waiver for close to 3 months (the maximum stay allowed on the visa waiver is 3 months). Then I applied for a B2 visitor's visa when I returned to the UK. Then a month later instead of going to the interview I just decided to use the visa waiver again to go with my U.S. fiancee (who at that point was just my friend), that is when I got refused entry. They thought that I was lying to them about my reasons for coming back over, since I had been in the process of getting a 6 month visitor's visa and then instead was going on a trip that was going to last for a couple of weeks.
  14. Hello, 3 months before my fiancee applied for a fiancee visa for me, I applied for a B2 visitor's visa to stay for 6 months in the U.S. I never went to the interview so I never got a visitor's visa. I got refused entry into the U.S. on my second trip over there. Will this affect the time it takes to get my K1 visa and will the interviewer at the U.S. Embassy ask me about this travelling history, refused entry and the visa I tried to get to go to the U.S. for a visit for 6 months? Thank you in advance!