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  1. Yea I arrived here on 23 january and went for social security but the lady says that my case is electronically filled so I will get my ssn at home .I get my ssn card on 3rdfeb
  2. if ur case filled electronically(means u dont get visa packet) then u dont need to visit ss office.Thats what the lady at ss office told me.And u get bth of the things at ur address
  3. yes.i get the urdu nikah nama and the english translation of urdu nikahnama notarize it and uploaded and than get documentary qualified.Get the translation from kachari and notarize it from notary public
  4. Harmonium folder. I put all my docs in that .easy to carry and handle
  5. Ur case expedite request is accepted conditionally by nvc.Once u payed the nvc fee and upload all files nvc will review and update ur casento embassy .Just upload ur files as soon as possible . good luck
  6. Dont worry if VO said you are ok and welcomed you.You are good.Male members go through AP a little longer.I had my interview on yesterday 9thjanuary tooo.VO WELCOMED Me.I was in AP for like two hours after interview and than the status changed to Issued alhumdulillah.Your would be soon too insha Allah.
  7. The email you received now where said that you are documentary qualified. They need the sponsor first coz you didn't meet the poverty lines.once u submit joint sponsor files and they accept than u will get il
  8. Hay this is not documentary qualified .You need to find sponsor for ur case .You will not get il unless u find sponsor and that too accepted by nvc
  9. i dont think so its not an issue .since its foreign offce stamp
  10. ur original urdu nikahnama .our was not in urdu only english nikahnama and the nadra certificate.so we had to do the urdu nikahnama plus ita english translation..so we uploaded this time nadra certificate and urdi nikahnama and the certified english transjation of urdu nikahnama
  11. U need to upload nadra marriage certificate+ urdu nikahnama +certified english translation of urdu nikahnama
  12. we did sign english and urdu nikahnama on our nikahday and register both english and urdu and than get nadra marrige certificate but nvc is not accepting our english original nikahnama .Many ppl says here in pakistan there is no concept of english nukahnama may be thats the reason
  13. this is marriage certificate we uploaded first only this certificate then we get to know that english and urdu nikahnama also should be uploaded ,then we uploaded nadra marraige certificate+nikahnama urdu+nikahnama english but again rejected . NVC asking us the they need certified English translation of our Urdu nikahnama .we now made the english translation of our urdu nikahnama certified from notary public and now waiting for ceac portal to open for documents .so we can upload our this doc in one pdf file less than 2mb
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