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  1. Hi there! We received that same letter on May 14, 2019 and on Friday March 13, 2020 we got the mail with our interview in Ciudad Juarez for April 17, 2020, so it is taking like 10 months to send the notice with the info about the interview and 11-12 months for the actual appointment. Hang in there, you are very close now ;)
  2. Hello Dalila! Congrats for your CC! We had our CC in May and no appointment yet. On Facebook groups I saw that some people with CC in October 2018 just got their appointments for next month. Seems like we need to be patient 😉
  3. Hey there! I really hope everyone get their approvals from USCIS soon! We were lucky to be sent to Potomac so we got our approval a while ago. The timeline given by Visa Journey was accurate so before we got our approval, we started to get our documents together. For instance, I got my police certificate and we translated as well as our marriage certificate and my husband birth certificate, we collect our tax returns from the last 3 years and my husband started to fill the affidavit of support; then we scan all the previous documents plus my husband passport bio page and my 2 pics passport size in PDF formats and put simple names on them (our case number + the description of the document). I also review the form DS260 to get to know all the information that I would be asked when we fill that form on line. I also recommend following the thread of the NVC process because you can learn from other’s experiences and it also gives you a good idea of the timeline and. For us, we had to wait a week from our approval until Potomac sent our application to the NVC and it took 1-2 weeks to the NVC to receive the document (we called the NVC to be sure when they got it). That date is important because it gave us an idea of the date we would get our case number and invoice to start with the process (for us it took 1 month). As soon as we got our case number and invoice we paid the fees and when they cleared we upload everything and fill the form DS 260, so that saves us a lot of time. We were approved very fast too. Now we are waiting for an interview. We are at Ciudad Juarez Consulate in México which apparently is the busiest and the waiting time right now is about 10 months. I suggest that you follow your country forum to give you an idea about the waiting time for an interview, which will we shorter than us for sure 😉
  4. I read that too, that actually the pictures that are taken in the appointment are the ones that are used for the visa but at the CEAC stage they ask for those pics too
  5. You have upload 2 passport size pictures, like the ones that were sent with the I130. We scan them both together in a pdf document. Good luck!
  6. Think you might be right. I hope you get your interview soon!
  7. Oh wow! It's really weird indeed! Being ready for the NVC stage will help you a lot! The process will be faster and smoother. Good luck!
  8. I hope you can get your case number soon. This is the site: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/after-petition-approved/begin-nat-visa-center.html And this is what I see:
  9. Have you tried calling the NVC to check when they got your petition and if you already have a Case and Invoice Number? As TMZ said, they usually take one month since they received the petition to create Case number. According to NVC site they are currently working on cases they received from USCIS on April 18th. To give you an idea, our case was sent to NVC on April 5th, received by NVC on April 15th and got our case number on May 7th.
  10. We follow a group on Facebook (in Spanish) "Citados al Consulado en Cd Juarez", they are very active and share a lot of information. I really hope we all get our appointments soon.
  11. This week NVC gave appointments for some people with CC in October, November and even January 😮 They skipped some September cases but apparently, they are moving faster than before This week NVC gave appointments for some people with CC in October, November and even January 😮 They skipped some September cases but apparently, they are moving faster than before
  12. Hello! You are correct ☹ on the past days NVC send appoints to people whose CC was August, September and some October 2018, but they skipped some cases. We just completed our NVC stage and we hope that with the “new system” they move faster. Also, for us the NVC stage was super fast, so let me know if we can help you with some advice.
  13. Thanks Nyokie, I really hope you get documentarily qualified soon!
  14. Good morning, dear friends! We submitted our documents on May 10th and we just got the Documentarily Qualified mail! We are beyond excited and amazed about the speed, we were lucky. We are really thankful about all the information shared in this forum; it was so helpful. We wish you all smooth process!
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