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  1. I'm sorry I really don't know for sure. I would say bring it. (More info doesn't hurt)
  2. I'm not 100% sure about the military record thing I'm sorry. As far as I understand marriage certificate is only for previous marriages.
  3. @Steph & Nick Here's P3 I got from Montreal. I would say SEND IT!!!! I looked at your timeline. I would for sure bet your good. Keep in touch let us know how it goes along the way. Packet3Instructions-K1.pdf
  4. @Steph & Nick thank you. It's so frustrating
  5. I would. Especially if all your stuff is ready. We are still waiting on the kids passports do even do ds160 😩
  6. Ohhhhh yeah that makes total sense!!!
  7. Well it's good to know that I probably got (very) outdated info someone along the line and that maybe I haven't fully lost my mind and started subconsciously fabricating memories yet haha!
  8. It was by email. I emailed them because of this... https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/709249-children-k2-required-to-interview/?tab=comments#comment-9742906
  9. I thought I read the same thing somewhere... I suppose it doesn't much matter being that I did hear it directly from the horses mouth
  10. Haha that's some pretty decisive answers!!!!! I thought I saw something about it at some point, I'm obviously mistaken. (information overload) Thank you so much for the input I truly appreciate you all!!
  11. So... Our case is in Montreal and we're almost ready to send in packet 3 (waiting on children's passports) I emailed the embassy in Montreal to ask if it's necessary that my fiance's daughters (7 and 8 years old) attend the interview as well. And they responded with this... Copied from email: All applicants, regardless of age, must attend the visa interview appointment. In cases of minors, the applicants must be accompanied by at least one parent or the legal guardian. I was hoping somebody knows a way to work around having to fly them round trip from Vancouver island across Canada. Maybe a guru like @Greenbaum has some input? 🙏 They also included a link in the email to P3 (the same exact thing I got from @Greenbaum) and said to send it in completed etc so they can schedule our interview. So if your waiting to receive packet 3 I would say it's probably wise to email them to verify your case is there and ready and then send it 😉 (sorry if this is common knowledge) I emailed: Montreal-IV-DV@state.gov (Case number in subject line)
  12. Or status changed to ready on CEAC today. Congratulations y'all!
  13. Alright y'all!!! Things are finally moving along it seems! Or status changed today to "ready" on CEAC 1: Am I correct in thinking that means it's physically in Montreal now? 2: can we start DS160 now or do we have to wait to get P3 in hand? 4: would it be wise to start chasing down things like police certificate? (I researched it with all the info you gave @Greenbaum made some phone calls and got it all sorted and planned btw)
  14. @Greenbaum I really truly cannot thank you enough for all you do to help us all out. please know you are greatly appreciated!!!
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