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  1. Wow I hope everything works out for you from what you're saying she sounds selfish. Maybe the grandmother can talk to her daughter, but maybe she's thinking if her child remains there she can visit her ( providing she wants to) because it's harder to get a tourist Visa to visit her here. I think your best bet is through the court system.
  2. We had the same issue, my stepson's mother said he can only visit ,but not live here. Almost three months into this process she changed her mind asking us to let her video WhatsApp him every day and that's a very easy demand. I told her summer breaks and every other Christmas break he'll return to the DR with her and his siblings She signed documents giving my husband custody. You must have permission from the mother to bring her here. Good luck
  4. Hello everyone we received my husband's NVC welcome email on Thursday and was finally able to log in today. Are there any documents I need from my husband I'm going to visit him on Saturday for 3 weeks. He has a police certificate from October 2018 from a visitor Visa hoping to use it again( Visa denied). We filed for my 5 year old stepson 2 months after my husband's because the mother always said he can't come to the US , (she had a change of heart)so we think it's best to wait for his case to make it to the NVC stage , so they can be combined. MY CONCERNS ARE I haven't worked in 3 years due to an on the job injury which required several surgeries, but my income from DOL was over $150k for the 3 years 10 /2015 -12/ 2018 ( no income taxes filed my income is tax free ) I will return to my same job at the end of May with my full income intact. Same job for 12 years, and a home owner. I'm 13 years older than him my youngest child is 20 all 4 of my children attended our wedding in the DR, and we always agreed no more children. Is the DR a country for age gap scrutiny, and lack of work for the 3 years. May is 3 years into our relationship. Any and all feedback is appreciated Thank you everyone
  5. My timeline said May 2019 I was approved March 2019 cr1 Potomac.
  6. On my application I couldn't type everything in on the computer either, so the ones I couldn't do by the computer I filled in the answers with a black ink pen. I submitted my request in December and the Noa2 was approved in March with no issues good luck.
  7. Welcome Our NOA2 was approved March 15,2019 it took 91 days, and it was sent to Potomac.
  8. I submitted 3 affidavits as well as my insurance card from my job ,and credit card statements that shows both of our names.I couldn't give bank statements because he's still in his country. Good luck
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