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  1. Hi everyone! My fiancé has been in AP for 17 months and my lawyer recently recommended I do a writ of mandamus for him. Has anyone done it or is currently in the process of doing it ? I have heard it is very expensive and there ain’t a guarantee it’s going to work. Any info on it would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi! Yes, my fiancé has been in AP for 16 months. I haven’t really heard of anyone from Afghanistan getting a visa. Most people are still waiting/ in AP.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. They told us about a week in advance.
  4. I think it took my fiancé four months to get an interview date.
  5. No updates at all! My fiancé has been in AP for 14 months.
  6. Thanks, InshAllah you too. He currently lives in Afghanistan.
  7. Yes, several months ago I contacted my congresswoman and State Senator. Both of them emailed the embassy on my behalf but the embassy didn’t really tell them anything.
  8. My fiancé has been in AP for 13 months. I know a couple other Afghans who are also in AP and have been for a while. There are also several Afghans on here too who have been waiting for a year or more. Like GreenBaum said, there is no way to predict how long AP will take. Good luck!
  9. My fiancé has been in AP for 13 months and no updates. Hoping to hear some good news soon!
  10. My fiancé (a male) has been in AP for almost 13 months. We started the process almost two years ago. Almost everyone who has a case with the Kabul embassy is still waiting especially if the person wanting a visa is a male. I remember a month or two ago, one or two people on this website got their visa after 17 months on AP so I’m hoping my case will get approved in a few months. It’s so unfortunate that so many people are on AP but there’s nothing applicants can do except make sure they have a strong case and do the paperwork right. It seems like your unsure if you want to apply but I would advise you to since there is really no other way and it is definitely worth it if you want to be with your fiancé. Also it seems like many cases do get approved as long as there’s nothing suspicious but it just takes a while so just be ready to wait a 1 1/2- 2 years. Good luck!
  11. Hello! My fiancé had his interview 11 months ago and we are still in administrative processing. No updates unfortunately.
  12. Hey, Im not sure if you got your answer yet but I think you need the original taskira for the interview.
  13. I think my fiancé got this before his interview and he turned it in the day of his interview.
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