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  1. can i just confirm if the visa packet i receive is solely only to be handed to the immigration officer at customs and no one else who may ask for it? Also do they return it or keep it once ive handed it to them.
  2. Thanks! I do want to ask though, if bank transfer is the best for large amounts of money won't that also raise flags if there's a large sum being transfered? Apologies for being inquisitive i just want to make sure i'm doing the right thing and not mess anything up
  3. Not sure if i posted in the right section but would anybody be able to advise me how to bring in my savings to the United States? I believe i read that any amount of money over 10k is questionable and that it would be taxed?
  4. Hey amazing people! I would like to ask what if my fiancee has been offered a job closer to home that pays equal or possibly more than she is earning right now. Is it ok for her to take up a new job while i am just days away from my embassy interview or what if it was after?
  5. Just to check in regards to supporting documents for the I134, would it be necessary to have the original tax forms, W2 and payslips? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much! This just about confirms it.
  7. Sorry this may be a silly question but what exactly is the checklist that i am supposed to return along with the letter of acknowledgement , visa payment and D160 confirmation page? Is it the page where it tells me the instructions of what to have prepared? I just don't see anything in my package that looks like a checklist or says its a checklist.
  8. Sorry should i still average it out by 12 if two months of pay is missing due to an accident?
  9. Thank you for that. That being said she was told a police report would take 4-8 weeks. And that may be too long. She is also trying to get a medical report as proof that she was involved in an accident and her employer to write a letter of employment to state her salary and having the accident.
  10. My fiancee is trying to finish the I-134 form and is uncertain what to put for her annual income because depending on the number of days there are in a month she sometimes works 16 days or 17 days. On top of that, there will be times she will be asked to do extra days when they need the manpower(not OT). So every month her pay stubs do not have the same amount on it. Her concern is how she should estimate her current annual income.
  11. Thank you! I do want to ask though because i left Philippines when i was 3 years old is the singapore police clearance not enough since ive pretty much lived here my entire life?
  12. First off, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. I'm having a bit of a frustration with preparing for documents for the interview. Long story short, i am filipino by citizenship but grew up in Singapore since i was 3 and im a permenant resident here. Now, the thing is i am not sure if i also need police clearance from the philippines and a certificate of no marriage as singapore does not provide no marriages certificate (unless ive been looking at the wrong places). Also i understand that filipinos have to attend some sort of seminar which after they get a stamp on the passport before they fly to get married. Do i need to sit for that as well?
  13. My fiancee has to submit her tax returns and pay stubs. The thing is, she's missing two months of pay because she got into an automobile accident late to early last and this year and was put off duty for two months. Will this affect our application?
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