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  1. The carrier found it in an adjacent mailbox along with other mail. At first I didn't think there was anything important on it but I found my Fiancee's A number that I can use for the I-134.
  2. Our NVC dates are the same. We also have our case number. Where do we fill out DS160 and submit? NOA1: 1-12 NOA2: 8-20 NVC Rec: 9-10 NVC Case created: 9-12
  3. That's my hope. I keep checking everyday. 🤞 Just seems so strange as I'm in Arizona and mail from California is 2-3 days tops typically. I've never had one go on 8 days even from the East coast. So strange. I hope your case moves quickly.
  4. So at day 221 after calling USCIS a few times was told that my case was approved. The next day I checked the website and still nothing so I called again because I wanted to be sure and again was told that I was approved and that the letter was mailed on the 21st. I checked the website everyday just to have confirmation and nothing. Then on the 24th USPS Informed Delivery confirmed that USCIS did indeed send a letter which looks like it is a NOA2. (Attached) I've checked the mail every day and still nothing🤔 I checked both websites and they both still say that my case was received blah blah... the same thing for last 7.5 months. 🤔🤔 I filed a lost mail report with USPS so hopefully it turns up soon. I'm not sure yet how important it is to have the NOA2 in my possession. I'm assuming I'm going to need copies of it later on. I sure hope my case at least made it to NVC. My concern is that if the electronic system that connects to the website hasn't yet received this information then perhaps it hasn't been forwarded to NVC? I hope not. Anyway just thought I'd share this and rant a little.
  5. I created an inquiry first over the phone then tried again a week later online because I didn't trust the phone rep with all the different answers I got calling them. When creating the inquiry online it said one already exists and it and showed the inquiry number and date created. I doubt it will cause any problems. Also don't be afraid to update your address if you move. This updated instantly in their system. Received an email the same day that it was successful updated. My previous address was my parents and I had just moved to a new place last month. Even though I still receive some mail at my parent's place I was a little concerned with some USCIS reps saying my case was pending background checks. I figured that I probably need to let them know my new address. Two weeks later I was approved. This morning USPS Informed Delivery shows my NOA2 is arriving today 😊 after 225 days since they received the 129F Jan 12. Despite receiving my NOA2 today both websites still report that they received my case lol Confusing indeed. Just hang in there. I know it's hard I was pulling my hair out last week!
  6. Day 221 old site and I checked the new website this morning and still the same old "We received your case blah blah blah it's probably sitting at the bottom of a forgotten box collecting dust blah blah blah so we have nothing new to say about it blah blah blah" Since last week I've decided to call USCIS every week only to find out if they can tell me if my case even exists. Up until now they could only tell me what the website said which was basically nothing. I would gladly take an RFE at this point only to know that it exists. I chatted with someone else on VJ that had waited 345 days and he made repeated calls and inquiries each with no information other than it's waiting on background checks. So discouraging. I thought for sure mine was following a similar path. Today a very energetic teir 1 CSR answered and said "...it is my goal to do my absolute best to help you today..." (I must have won the CSR lottery here today) he asked why I'm calling so I explained that 221 days have passed since you received my petition and I just want to know if my case still even exists that is all. He answered back saying "Well then I have good news for you today... your case was just APPROVED! " Hallelujah!!!🤸‍♀️🥂🎆🎉
  7. I found out the embassy will not be mailing anything in Panama. According to other Panamanians I've talked to communication will be through text message with instructions after you receive the second letter NOA2. We are on day 220 and still waiting on our NOA2. Our case got stuck in background checking or something like that. No further information from USCIS other than be patient.
  8. I called the Volgons\H\H\H\H\H\H\H USCIS is morning and the wait was about 3 1/2 hours. They couldn't tell me much other than cases like mine (7+ months with no status updates) are likely held up due to background checks. She said there is no way to check the progress of the background check and that it could be 1-3 months and to wait to see what the inquiry I filed yesterday reveals. Who knows. I've called 3 times and each time get a different answer. Sure is frustrating. My fiancee has a B1/B2 visa and I'm going to fly her here to visit while we wait. It's been too long and we've been holding off on trips to save money in anticipation of the NOA2 letter being imminent. Is there any reason not to use her tourist visa? Will it delay things further?
  9. Good grief this is agrovating. I can only imagine what you guys are going through. I'm at day 213 and put in an inquiry today.
  10. I peeked into the December thread and there are a few that are still waiting there too. So sad and so frustrating. I hope our approval are soon, perhaps they are sitting on a desk of a staffer that went on vacation and not at the bottom of a forgotten box.
  11. 210 days now since my receipt date so I called and was told that only 5 months have passed despite me asking Alexa "How many months since January 12th?" And Alexa answering loud enough for the CSR to hear "7 months since January 12th" She insisted that only 5 months have passed and that I need to wait two more before calling again. Grrrrrrrrr
  12. Officially in the 200 club today Woot! Seems there are more of us every day.
  13. This is what I thought too but my attorney wanted me to check box 5a anyway and describe the circumstance. She said it was better to provide too much information than not enough. Hope she was right.
  14. Mine is the same 12th/18th and I too received an SMS at 4:45 AM. Websites are still the same. I'm kind of expecting an RFE because I'm a multiple filer. (Filed before in 2005 and divorced in 2014) instructions were contradictory in some steps. Didn't specify if name change documents were needed (my ex changed her last name when we married and her first name when she received her citizenship) I she told me that she discarded her old documents so I really hope this isn't an RFE.