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  1. We are in the USA. My wife arrived on her K1 Nov 2019. Lucky enough to get the interview for GC almost 1 year to the day.
  2. Hey everyone, we have our interview date for the GC (in about a month)!
  3. Sorry - just want more question to follow up @vdsanctis or anyone else who has gone thru the EAD/AP renewal...do you know when you are eligible to renew (i.e. X number of days before expiration). I can't find it anywhere on the USCIS website or the instructions, but I have seen on third-party websites it is: The i-131 120 days (or less) before expiration The i-765 180 days (or less) before expiration (https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/the-advance-parole-travel-document-explained/#:~:text=You can file a renewal,application%3A 150 days or longer. / https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/the-work-permit-explained)
  4. thanks, @vdsanctis, I agree. If I'm not mistaken we don't even have to pay for the combo card renewal since we have the i-485 processing. Really frustrating because our paperwork was moving along quite fast, but what can you do, things happen. Do you know if the renewal of the combo card is basically the same process as the original application? I'm sure I can find that on the website.
  5. Hey all - it's been a while. So our process was moving right along when, like many of you I'm sure, COVID put a halt to things. My wife luckily has here "combo card" (i-131 / i-765) which expires in February 2021. Our i-485 (green card) is still waiting to be scheduled for interview. In everyone's opinion, should we just re-apply for the combo card in the meantime to ensure my wife retains the right to work and travel internationally? I seriously doubt the green card interview will occur and we will receive or GC before Feb 2021. I'm not even sure if in-person interviews are occurring right now.
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