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  1. Exciting news! Congratulations!! Thanks we're waiting for our interview
  2. Was your passport returned? Hopefully they would ask for you to send all through dhl and you’ll have your visa, don’t sleep on it, and I hope your petition hasn’t expired. Good luck
  3. All the best in your interview

  4. Congratulations , I am happy for you . It’s quite a journey. My interview is fastly approaching
  5. Hey Yeap, I was going to ask too. My police report was done in February at the police headquarters in Oyo state where I live, And it was included in the petition, do you think that’s acceptable or I may have to apply for another police report in Lagos? NOTE the police report I applied for was done in Ibadan but had to be taken to Lagos for verification before I was certified and fit to travel . My questions is do I have to apply for another one at the police department in Lagos or use the one I did in February? Thanks
  6. Hello, our joint sponsor requested to send supporting evidence directly to the Nigeria Embassy.  Is that an option? If so, can I find the address on Nigeria Embassy website?


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    2. Ola&Adunni


      And this can be used with our K1 Visa interview?

    3. aleful




      you never stated that it was a K1 petition, then forget about everything I said, that's for a spousal visa


      the i134 affidavit of support is directly sent to your fiancé and she will present it at the interview,. the case pases briefly at the nvc and goes to the embassy


      are you sure your country allows joint sponsors at the fiancé level? some countries don't allow a joint sponsor. regardless, all the affidavits and supporting financial evidence is sent to your fiancé and she will take it to the interview. she will hand It to the consul when requested. 

    4. Ola&Adunni


      Aleful, Thank you! We appreciate your help. 

  7. Congratulations 

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    2. Tegs&Lols


      Nope, your past interviews doesnt matter, most of the people that were approved  (myself included) on my interview day had denial history. I assume you filed a k3 for your son, having pictures of your fiance with your son would also help your case if they ask to show pictures make sure u slide that one in ;) 

    3. Ola&Adunni


      Thanks very much . I filed k2 for my son and Yes my Fiancée and my son have a good relationship and pictures too. Thank You.

    4. Tegs&Lols


      Cool, you're good to go. All the best.

  8. Congratulations and best of luck .our interview comes up second week of Oct
  9. Halleluyah, your suddenly has come. How long did it took ?
  10. Not properly registered with the High court? How is that possible ? Do you have you divorce Absolute and Divorce Nisi? Without these, you not certified divorced !
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