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  1. He only gets denied if he goes to the consulate bragging about his traditional marriage when he goes to drop off his passport. Note that the embassy already approved the OP and ready to stamp his K-1. if he has a legal marriage documentation in Egypt then cancel K-1 and go thru with the CR1. otherwise his martial status is SINGLE outside of Egypt. There was no paperwork involved with this marriage. he will have to apply for a marriage certificate to be recognized in any western country. NuestraUnion im familiar with those denied threads from those Casablanca and Islamabad consulates but it wont apply to the OP. if his marriage isn't documented in the Egyptian court registry. don't wait another 12months after being in AP for 2yrs. go thru with the K-1. I don't see anything illegal he's doing
  2. Many people from developed western countries commenting on this don't understand that there different marriages in a whole lot of African countries.(traditional wedding, white wedding, different types of ceremonies) etc. Im surprised I didn't see any comments like this so allow me to further explain If you did a traditional marriage in Egypt meaning not recognized anywhere on earth outside Egypt, Not on the Egypt constitution, Not on the court registry with Egypt. Then return the dowry you paid and go thru with the K-1 visa if you plan to live in the USA and get legally married in the US that would be recognized everywhere else in the world. those 2yrs you lost during AP you cant get that back. If your marriage is recognized by the court registry in Egypt, then do as everyone here has mentioned and go thru with the CR1
  3. kingdomcome84

    NVC Number

    many have said that give it 2weeks
  4. The real question is the big marriage worth waiting an additional 5-6months apart. Spousal Visa wait time is 12-15 months Fiancé Visa wait time is 6-8 months
  5. I've been hearing conflicting stories but I want to get the accurate answer here. Can I file Employment Authorization Document, Advanced Parole and Social security number for my fiance after marrying her within the 90days but withhold filing Adjustments of Status to a future date due to the high cost Is there a downside to doing it this way?
  6. kingdomcome84

    visiting while I-129F is pending

    Mind you, Visiting while your I-129F application is being processed only applies to developed countries like most of Europe, Canada, Australia. if fiancé lives in the poor countries of South America, Asia, Caribbean's, Middle East OR any country in Africa then visiting isn't an option for the fiancé. they would have to wait for the whole process apart
  7. Your expected NoA2 on march 30 could be off. it could take 6 1/2 + more like April 30 leading into May