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  1. Bigamy is being already married to someone while married to me at the same time. Didn't divorce the first spouse before marrying second spouse So my question is would USCIS void a self-petitioning spouse i360 VAWA on basis of Bigamy. OR is an annulment only useful when its due to fraud/misrepresentation
  2. I am going thru the same as OP. My foreign spouse also aborted my child within 7 months of marriage without me knowing and claimed miscarriage. She's been denied VAWA emotional abuse and she filed a protective order against me so she can make up physical abuse. i petitioned to change the existing divorce case to an Annulment based on bigamy and by my surprise, the court agreed to set aside the divorce to here my annulment case first which the status hearing is set in 2wks My question is if i win the annulment based on bigamy, isn't this enough for USCIS to deny the foreign spouse VAWA claim? Does the annulment has to based ONLY on fraud/misrepresentation for USCIS to void the VAWA claim?
  3. I had a new question I want to ask regarding VAWA if VAWA is denied for the beneficiary and removal proceedings begins, Can beneficiary still AoS thru the original petitioner in the midst of the removal proceeding process and succeed with adjusting status?
  4. If she went thru with filing AoS without your behalf, be ready for the K1 wife to makeup a nasty VAWA case against you as her last means to try to stay in the USA
  5. I always see these facts can be made up because you can. These claims get filed months or years later. these claims are loopholes in the system. VAWA needs to stick to just police reports, restraining orders OR such emotional abuse claim that shows proof that the event happened while the marriage was ongoing.
  6. how does one prove emotional abuse? and what's worst is how can one prove their spouse caused the emotional abuse? and how do you get documentation relating to this
  7. Your saying your wife may have told the CO at the interview we'll get married soon AND you here posting on VJ that your married already. Im confused trying to understand your case and if I was a CO, i'd be confused too. Are you married now or not? were you married before your wife's interview? if you were married b4 your wife's interview, then why would your wife might be telling the CO we'll be getting married soon something isn't adding up and that's why your case is on hold for that very reason
  8. On May 21 my fiancé had her interview . On June 6 it changed to "Application Received" On June 20 it change to "Administrative Processing" its been stuck on AP ever since going on 8wks from the interview till now. I don't pay attention to the K2 status. the K1 is all what matters
  9. you previous thread you created you stated the consulate sent you a response after 1yr in AP: Visa applications are adjudicated in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and applicable federal regulations. Your case has been denied under section 221(g) of the INA. An application may be denied under section 221(g) of the INA when required or supporting documents are incomplete or while the consular officer verifies information submitted in support of an application. Please be advised the completion time for this process may take 90 days and in some cases six months or longer. The Consulate is unable to issue a visa if the applicant’s visa application is still pending administrative processing. The consulate is also unable to waive or influence the amount of time that this processing may take. Please be assured that you will be contacted as soon as this process is complete.. Your case was denied. does the embassy still have your passports till this day?
  10. Will my father and step-mother be able to petition me instead if I decided to divorce my husband? There's a long wait time b4 parent can petition for you What will happen to my marriage-based I-130 and I-485 that's still pending? If your husband pulls out his Affidavit of support, you'll be out of status Will I have to go back to my home country if I decide to go this route? if you go back to you country, you will be barred/ denied re-entry due to your current status/ immigration intentions
  11. Im sure it means the last time someone opened or did anything with the passports/ application etc
  12. June 20 (mine just change to "Administrative Processing")
  13. My fiancé interview was approved on May 21 and update history has been May 22 (Status "Ready") May29 June 3 (They called my fiancé in to the consulate to do another oath swearing again) June 6 (Status changed to "Application received") June 17 June 19
  14. these CO's have seen ppl with 4 visits+ within that timeframe and all petitioners have to keep their job to petition for someone. so your reason isn't valid im assuming OP visited once b4 filling the I-129F meet the "visit within 2yr criteria" and did not visit AT ALL during the long 8month stretch till the interview. And the reason was because your job. It doesn't look look serious enough
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