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  1. Many may not know how help you with a psychologist in your state, but I'm sure people here would be able to help you with your situation if you explained your story in detail. you would get many responses and alternatives of help
  2. It doesn't get enforced. I periodically visit VJ long after my marriage failed and i've yet to see anyone comeback to complain about being bill by the govt for benefits but i still recommend the US citizens to pull it if possible.
  3. I guess I just don't understand the premise of filing for VAWA if the spousal visa isn't approved. If your husband successfully cancels the pending petition, that also eliminates the purpose to VAWA in the first place. Most that were in your situation and married on a tourist visa usually stick around and overstay till they get their greencard with their spouse or fish around until they find a new potential partner to marry. People that seek VAWA outside the country are all K1's because they had an immigration intent to permanently live in the US Your visa was granted to visit. What visa are you seeking to re-enter the US and on what basis? I'm asking that because if your husband cancels the i-130, your CR1 never gets issued. VAWA is not a visa and marriage alone does not grant immigration benefits by itself
  4. I just filled out this form but you cant attach files. I also heard there are local field offices out there to send the paper documentation. can anyone correct me on that if im wrong
  5. I know for sure she's already started or will start the VAWA process. she took out a false protection order on me in august 2020. One thing i do know for sure is that local courts and the USCIS dont cooperate. The Annulment decree needs to be handed to USCIS by me. Im assuming no one here has donr this before
  6. I caught her in an affair 3months into us being married so i never go to apply for i485. her friend advised her to take out a protection order on me right after she moved out in May 2020
  7. A little back story. Foreign fiancé entered with K1 in July 2019, lots of issues during our 90days but still married her in October 2019 within the window. 3months after being married i caught here having an affair after a very bad influenced girlfriend of hers started coming around. Pandemic hit and made things even worse during lockdown. Wife moved out in may 2020 to live with that same friend. I also discovered during the lockdown she had a whole other husband she's currently married to back home in her foreign country. I kept all the evidence and gathered as much as needed to support my case. I filed for annulment in November 2020. Trial was held March 2021 and was granted in my favor. Her appeal was denied earlier this month. Annulment Decree arrived in my hands as of a few days ago for those who have done this before, I need to know what branches of the USCIS do i submit this to? i will include all the supporting evidence that i used to will the court case
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