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  1. I was told to submit a photocopy of the original foreign language marriage certificate from which the English translation was made. But the English marriage certificate I submitted is an official one issued by the government. There was no original foreign language marriage certificate. The officer must have been mistaken. So I went notarize the English marriage certificate and got a stamp stating that "this official document is attested at the ......" I guess that was because I submitted a black and white photocopy in the first place. I should've made a color copy.
  2. Potomac is so much faster than any other service centers. I saw someone who filed last September to Potomac already has her visa in hand.... This is so unfair.. (sigh
  3. Yes you were right! It took exactly 7 days! Thank you And Good luck to your following steps.
  4. Yay! I got my approval too! NOA1: Sep 20, 2018 RFE: May 29, 2019 REF received by USCIS: Jun 17, 2019 NOA2 Approval notice sent: Jun 20, 2019 NOA2 Approval letter received: Jun 24, 2019 Online still remains "" Response to USCIS' request for evidence was received "
  5. Sometimes online status doesn't change at all. ( My accounts still shows "Case was received". ) But case tracker shows that RFE is sent on Mar 29. A week later, I received a RFE letter in the mail. I believe your approval letter will come soon in the mail.
  6. Oh great! So you received the letter on Jun 21. May I ask what exactly the approval date listed on the letter? Trying to figure out how many days they need to review a RFE response after they receive it. Thanks!
  7. Also how did you learn that you are approved ? By case tracker or online account? Thanks !
  8. Congrats!!!! So it only took 10 days after they received your response. It was fast! Hopefully mine will come soon too.
  9. The post above is my RFE. Ppl from my country normally get approvals by submitting English marriage certificate. I was told that it's very random. It all depends on the officers. Hopefully this whole process will come to an end soon....
  10. May 29: RFE Jun 11: Sent the response Jun 15: ready for pickup Jun 17: delivered, case status updated Case tracker shows: On Jun 17 Response to USCIS Request for Inital evidence was received. ————> is this what you see now? Good oof luck to both of us 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  11. When did you submit your RFE? Did you get approve yet? Thanks!
  12. My RFE content is as below: But the marriage certificate I submitted WASN'T an English translation. It is an official document given by the household registration office. It even has the officer's signature ... Anyone from Taiwan can help please?
  13. I just got an Require for initial evidence notice from the app. (May 29 ) My PD Texas Sep 20th. I have no idea what they want yet. At least I heard something from them ...?
  14. Congratulations!!! I'm 20th here too. Still waiting .....
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