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  1. My case still under administrative processing since 21st jan, i sent an email to the embassy after 2 months, and i got this "Thank you for your message. We regret to inform you that the case is still under administrative processing. We will contact you once it’s done." Now it's almost three months of AP, I assume next thing i can do is to contact a Congressperson, but can you tell me how long should I wait until i do so, because i read I can be neglected by the Congressperson if i emailed him during the "normal" AP time, Thank you
  2. so, eventually, i will have to just wait more without having high hopes, thank you so much for your help, if anything new happened, i will share with you, and you do the same good luck to us all! (y) (y)
  3. My case was updated twice in the first week after the interview, but still under Administrative Processing, is that a good sign?
  4. Thanks everybody for your replies you cheered me up a little, so, all I have to do is wait and we'll see, i hope for all of us to hear something soon, because the I know how it really hurts to be away from your love one and you don't have clue when, so... if anybody heard something tell us and i will do the same, thank you again :) :) :)
  5. Hey everyone I hope you are doing great!, Well, I had my K1 interview yesterday in the US Embassy Algiers,Algeria, the whole process was smooth, not too many applicants, the staff was very friendly, the embassy officer asked me usual question : What is your fiancé's name? How long have you been together? How did you meet? Where did you meet in person? How many days you spent together and where? How did your relationship became romantic? What do you love about him? What does he do for living? Can you list his family memebers and where do they live? Does he live alone? And then he told me "Congratulations! Your visa has been approved" I was very happy and felt a mountain was off of my back, then he told me i will be back with you, he went for about 10 mins, when he came back he gave me a a form to fill that contains my informations such us Name Address Siblings and their date of birth Employers (name, address and employement date) My emails My social media accounts Told me to fill it and give it back to him After i did, he gave me a white slip (221g) and told me my case needs some administrative processing and he gave me back my passport and told me we will email you when we are done and ask you to send us your passport, I left the embassy heart broken, waiting for (god's know how long) they email me... What made me feel sad is because they gave me back my passport. And i am more confused because he approved my application at first, so can you please tell me if you know cases like this or what do you think about it?
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