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  1. Probably worth reporting to the Ombudsman's office. If that gets no traction, then the DHS IG. And take care of your medical... good luck!
  2. We found a few other people that live nearby in the same/similar situation and common heritage, so maybe a few times a month they will get together and go shopping, take a baking class, try a new restaurant, or other adventure to get out and socialize. Sometimes we are able to travel together for business trips or commingle a modest sightseeing adventure. Those have been quite fun and have added quite a bit to our photo album. After you get married it's not a bad idea to go see the docs and start building your medical files here in the USA.... not exactly exciting but the medical systems in the USA are probably different from what you are accustomed to. Take classes online or self-paced learning is also something to keep your mind going strong and maybe pick up new skills for personal/professional development. Right now we are cresting 6 months of waiting for EAD.
  3. It really depends on the individual circumstances. If you are well inside the "normal processing time", then they will almost 100% ask for documentation to include a job offer letter. Otherwise, you'd have couples like us just complaining to expedite because the ride-share costs and grocery deliveries are adding up and we want the EAD/SSN so we can get a drivers license, etc. Other people have very real situations like sudden medical disability, etc. that put the working spouse at a reduced earning along with increased medical debts, etc. those probably would not require a current job offer because their circumstances are already very real. Like anything, they won't base decisions on what you're thinking of doing someday, but what is real and current.
  4. We are with you - our 1st bio date was in September and that's it.
  5. Are you referring to successful expedite for "Please just work faster"? Yeah no, I think everyone falls into that criteria. Especially ones that have been waiting quite a few months longer. When you get to month 7 and request it they haven't been asking for much/any justification.
  6. For what it's worth, this is not the first time USCIS has taken some type of action that cites a requirement for a certified english translation of a birth certificate from the UK, and the birth certificate was included in the original submission and subsequently "misplaced". The other VJ members that reported similar situations were March/April filers if I am not mistaken. If it's any consolation, it also appears that USCIS tends to correct their mistake after review of the service request. Usually it takes about a week or so.
  7. Sometimes the HR departments don't know what to do and you have to pleasantly insist that they figure it out, or speak with their management.
  8. Sounds to me like the adjudicator made an error in sending you the RFIE or there is a mistake on your paperwork that you need to address. They are human... I would recommend reviewing your copy of what was submitted for any errors (such as question 36.... I am a () US Citizen () LPR ) and if that is correct, then walk the adjudicator through the rules that an LPR can file an I-130 and that you do not fall under the exclusion criteria listed on page 2 of the instructions.
  9. Just for future reference no, your future spouse does not need to have an SSN to be added to employer insurance after you get married in the USA. A fair number of K1 entrants are having issues getting SSNs after arrival, our situation included. Also, that marriage date is your "qualifying event" so you would change your health coverage at that time, usually you have 30 days to send that update and notify the company of the qualifying event. Lastly, if your future wife's culture is "not one to go to the doctor unless you're seriously ill" or she did not have much access to care, you may consider some proactive doctor visits after you have her covered on your policy.
  10. When you have 180 days remaining on your existing EAD, you submit paperwork for renewal and include your i485 NOA1 as evidence of ongoing AOS processing. I don't know why there would be a 2nd expedite needed, if they get the GC done then good, if not, and they take a while on the EAD renewal then you will get a letter with an automatic extension valid for 180 days from the previous EAD expiry. If you are worried about I-9 requirements, USCIS explains what is considered "valid" here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/42-automatic-extensions-employment-authorization-documents-eads-certain-circumstances
  11. Actually there is an indexed exclusion amount for taxation of spousal gifts when the spouse is not a US Citizen. In 2019, that exclusion amount is $155,000. If the spouse is a US Citizen then the exclusion is unlimited.
  12. You should understand the tax consequences of adding your non-citizen spouse to the deed. From my research and reading of tax rules, gifting partial title to a spouse is non-taxable ONLY when the spouse is a US Citizen. For your non-citizen spouse, the deed that you quitclaim (50%) will be considered taxable income in the eyes of the IRS.
  13. Please kindly complete/fill-in your timeline. It is helpful for others, including myself, as we are using the same regional offices and also experiencing "no online status update" nor anything else since our delayed Sept bio appt for EAD. Thanks!
  14. Your military dependent ID is federally issued and REAL ID compliant. It is more than sufficient for travel.
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