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  1. i answered this yesterday for another VJer that was denied B2. Pay attention to the DS160 question regarding refusals. Be sure of your dates and reasons and honest about everything and you'll be fine. I think there were 4 questions asked about it during our interview.
  2. Does your fiancee pay taxes in the USA? Normally domicile, for K1, doesnt come up until the interview, but u may run into an issue of eligibility if there are no US tax returns filed by the petitioner. You would probably be better off getting married in PHL and filing spousal visa (CR1) as it has many advantages over K1.... you wouldnt need to wait a year for the green card and could work immediately.
  3. My fiancee was denied 2x for tourist visa, 2 months before we filed for K1. It was a topic during the interview, they just asked about the timelines like did she apply for B2 while doing K1 etc (no... bc B2 was before then) and discussed why she applied for B2 at that time, what was her intention.
  4. In our case they called the next morning to pick it up after 1pm.
  5. deposits get batched overnight and wired into a central int'l account. give it 24-48 hours.
  6. TandSarahJane

    Interview and flight to the US

    A little advice on CFO and flights - give yourself a few days between the CFO and your flight. CFO in Cebu (which has a reputation for being very strict) had a number of couples that were not properly scheduled in advance, or had to come back the next day to sort out an issue, and didnt have enough time with their flight plans. Less of a problem in Manila from what I understand, but worth noting to avoid headaches before your departure.
  7. TandSarahJane

    i -129f Address space?

    can u abbreviate it to the point where it fits? for our petition we just dropped vowels (common for transliterated arabic) to the point where it was still comprehensible if u knew the lay of the land.
  8. picked up passport/visa this afternoon and started "exit process" for existing OFW residency visa. Home-stretch!
  9. completely normal. track updates thru CEAC until it says issued.
  10. Application Received which changed to Issued today.
  11. Id give it until Wednesday. Some folks have noticed CEAC gets a big batch- update on Tuesday nights. Since your case number is really really fresh it's probably queued for tonight's run.
  12. make certain that u select "immigrant visa" on ceac.
  13. GOOD EYE! checking via mobile, i missed the top of the window! Next week starts with a 2 day holiday so we are hopeful to beat the break. Inshallah Thanks for the spot!
  14. IV/AR, new case date. I'll check back tomorrow and see if it flips to NIV.
  15. ceac bumped from IV/AP to IV/AR. 😀