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  1. I have a friend whose father is stuck in the travel ban (for over two years now). We checked the status tonight and it says "Expiring soon"- this is normal right? Because of the 2 years since his interview and being stuck in Administrative processing? Anyone else with a similar situation? Thanks!
  2. So happy my husbands visa was issued today! CR-1 visa from embassy in Madrid. (He is from Iran). We started the process in April 2018. So thankful he will be here to celebrate the holidays with my family and to get settled before our daughter comes in the Spring! God is good! Don’t give up hope. ❤️🙏🏻
  3. Help please: We got a second email yesterday (see below)- the question is how should we get the passport to the Embassy? Does my husband have to mail it or is it ok for him to go to the embassy and drop it off? He has his medical scheduled for this coming Thursday so we are hoping that maybe he can get his visa by the end of next week. We emailed the embassy to get clarification but they have not responded. So close to the end of the process but still so much to figure out Please, send your passport so we can complete the immigrant visa process, also we will need a new medical exam (see instructions attached), as the previous one you presented expired on September.
  4. Good Morning! So my husband got the following email from Madrid Embassy this morning: To continue with the process of your immigrant visa we need you to send an scanned copy of your passport to this email address, the pages with the biographic data (photo, passport number, issuance and expiration date, etc.). The Consular officer will review your case once the scanned copy has been received. Immigrant Visa Unit Consular Section U.S. Embassy Madrid Also his status changed from the "/" to the "or". They already have his passport page- so I don't understand why they need it again. Has anyone else received a similar email? Do you think he will get his visa soon. Today is 1 year since we were approved at USCIS and it has been a little over 6 months (April 3rd) since his interview. Praying that maybe he will get his visa and be here in the US by Thanksgiving!!
  5. I totally get where you are coming from (my husband is in the same boat). I just feel that the tendency of our government is to categorize and group people- and I feel that most Americans look at Iran (and some of the other countries in the list) and say- it is a Muslim country and their all Muslims- when there are very many who are not. Certainly the other side (Republicans) of the debate is focused on National Security- which the Democrats attending yesterday made it clear that they care about National Security too. I understand too where the DOS and DHS say they need to be able to have information sharing and reliable information from these travel ban countries- and I feel this is where the Democrats really need to focus in. They need to prove that the DOS and DHS "rubric" for all nations is probably not being equally applied- after all the terrorist attacks that have happened have not been from any of the countries actually on the travel ban list... There was something else I wanted to say- but pregnancy brain just took it away- if I think of it I will post.
  6. Oh you don’t need to worry about that- I will be first to the polls! 🇺🇸
  7. I was at the congressional hearing and spoke at the storytelling/press conference prior to the hearing. While I agree that many impacted by the ban are not Muslims I feel the intent of the ban was to stop Muslims (or people from Muslim countries) from emerging the US. I think Venezuela and North Korea were added on for the government to save face. Although I am unsure that any of our cases will be directly or quickly impacted by today’s hearing it did show that there are members of Congress who are monitoring this ban and are finally calling out the Departments of State and Homeland Security for their lack of clarity in this situation. Several cases were brought up by different members of Congress and the representative from the DOS was writing down their names- so it will be interesting to see what comes of their cases. It was a long and emotional day but I am happy I got to be a part of it and pray that this Committee will continue to hold these groups to the fire. I would expect an update on the DOS website about the newest travel ban numbers soon.
  8. Thank you! I hope for all of us to be reunited with our loved ones soon! So happy for you!! Hope the good news keeps coming!
  9. I don’t think that they will expedite for pregnancy- but I will look into it. Thank you!
  10. Thank you!! We are excited and doubling down on our prayers that my hubby arrives very soon- as we hope that all couples can be reunited too!
  11. Hi all. Happy that people are finally getting good news. My husband and I also got some good news- I am pregnant. 🤰🏻Now the pressure is on for him to come before May. I really hope he will arrive before the baby. We knew it was chancy but I am turning 35 in January and can’t keep waiting to start our family. October 3 (a day after I turn 8 weeks) will be 6 months in AP. 😢 On a different note- is anyone coming to the Congressional meeting next Tuesday about the ban. My sister and I are going. This is our chance to speak up and show that this ban is hurting real people. If you live near DC I hope you will join me. Praying we can all be with our loved ones soon!
  12. I reached out to my Senator's rep about a few things (the new automated system and the end of September deadline for reporting on the ban). This is the response I got: From my understanding, 5 months of administration processing in travel ban related cases would be at the low end. I’ve consistently been told that post-interview processing takes 10 months or more. I have not heard that the automated system would have an impact on wait times, though I truly hope it does. She also said that someone else from the office is supposed to follow up on whether the September deadline will be extended. I hope it will so that the DOS is held accountable for this travel ban. I was surprised by her answer- I really felt the increase in visas was from the new automated system. I am not sure to take her comments as positive news or not. Praying we all hear good news soon!
  13. Anyone in the DC area please consider joining the Congressional Hearing to Repeal the Ban. https://www.facebook.com/events/533831804092504/?ti=icl Date: September 24, 2019 Schedule: 8 a.m.-9 a.m. Community Storytelling- reporters will be present 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Congressional Hearing 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.- Healing Event led by Justice For Muslims Collective Where: Rayburn House Office Building- Washington DC 20515 Who: Everyone and another is welcome- the hearing will be held with the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship If I can take off from work I am going to try to go. Reply to this post or send me a PM if you to join me or need more info.
  14. My husband is Iranian and going through the Madrid Embassy in Spain. Our last update was August 5th 2019 (when I emailed the embassy)- that was also when they confirmed that the automated system has started (I sent them a copy of the email from the Kulalumbor Embassy). We have been in AP for 5 months on this upcoming September 3rd. On one hand I feel hopeful because two Iranian couples I know received their visas recently- one after 15 months in AP and the other after about 5 months. And at least two of us have received confirmation that the automated system has gone into effect (and that would seem true after the increase in visas with the July statistics). On the other hand (and not to be a downer- because trust me I know that we are already worried and worn out by this process)- I hope that the increase in visas is not to boost the DOS numbers before they have to stop reporting on the travel ban (see below). In the past the DOS has not seemed to care about how many visas they issued (especially for Iranians)- so I don't know why they would worry about boosting numbers at this point. I am choosing to believe that the increase in visas is because of the new automated system going into effect and that we will all hear good news soon. I plan to reach out to my Senator- Senator Van Hollen- and ask him if he plans to renew the plan with the DOS and require them to continue sharing stastics about the travel ban following September 30 2019. P.L. 116-6, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, requires a report every 90 days until September 30, 2019 on the implementation of PP 9645 for seven designated countries, which were listed as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen; however, nationals of Iraq and Sudan are not subject to visa restrictions under PP 9645. Accordingly, the Department of State is providing statistical information related to visa applications made by nationals of the eight countries currently or previously subject to visa restrictions under PP 9645: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen. From: https://www.vanhollen.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Van_Hollen_Proclamation_9645.pdf
  15. Hi, This was just posted on Immigrants United (Facebook group)- thought that some of you newer to the travel ban might find it helpful. Lotfi is one of the lawyers helping to fight the government in one of the cases against the travel ban. -Jess Lotfi-Legal-LLC-FAQ-Immigration-Travel-Ban-compressed.pdf
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