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  1. this is a very real conversation. my fiance has a 4 year old and i have a 14 year old. I do NOT want any more children, but will apply for his to come over. That being said, that is a real conversation to have with anyone (your nationality mate or someone abroad). You should discuss roles, religion, children, money, etc. All important to lay the ground work for a happy marriage/relationship
  2. i think the posters on here (while brutal sometimes) typically have very solid advice. i am COMPLETELY new and have 0.0 experience so far, but I would also suggest more in person time. I also have a gap from my boo, he is 25 and I am 44. However, we did meet organically in person and have 3 trips under our belt with a fourth coming up. We also have the support of both our families, he is an "old man" for sure haha so it works for us. While i am not questioning either of your intentions, the advice is clear...DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION. you must be able to prove to those looking in with no knowledge of you and your girl that you are in love. period. good luck to you both. there are 8 billion people in the world, your soulmate could live anywhere xoxox
  3. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    i love your wedding pics by the way...looks like a beautiful day...congrats xoxox
  4. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    yup...agree... i think thats what i said too...a ceremony in jamaica in like 2020 when we are settled and adjusted
  5. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    yes i understand. However for ME, planning a wedding abroad with my teenage son and all that is going is just not going to work for me. Additionally, my GF who got married overseas and getting divorced ( americans had destination wedding) is having a HECK of a time getting copies of documents, etc. all set with that. Its just more than i want to take on. Im glad that those that went a different route had a great experience. I wish the best to all and their choices
  6. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    I feel like the other major piece not being discussed is where you are legally married. I want us to be legally married in the USA, with a ceremony in Jamaica later. Not the other way around. Thats MY firm choice, he doesn't have an opinion either way as long as both happens. Like someone else said, i think the choice is personal with pros and cons dependent on your priorities
  7. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    CR1 means waiting longer for my partner to come over. i can support him financially..so i rather him get here faster
  8. I am not sure of that comments validity (worse if woman is older), but i did read up that if its outside of social norms for your country it COULD be questioned (age gap) but certainly not a factor in and of itself as a denial
  9. fluffykim

    2018 vs 2019 filing I-129F

    Thank you all..Wish us luck xoxox
  10. Hi all My I-129F is ready to be dropped in the mail. Is there ANY benefit to waiting until Jan 1, 2019 to mail it in terms of approval trends? In other words, being so late in 2018, are the quotas "met" and automatically being denied a thing or am i over thinking?
  11. fluffykim

    I-129F questions

    Hi, im proof reading my final package....i did it online so if the computer allows you to, put NA, if not an option it will move you on I have copies of everything needed. The additional items i added was phone log, whatsapp log. good luck
  12. Thank you. i have tailored my package GREATLY due to this forum. so im def feeling better now. Now just to get home and mail it off
  13. Thank you on the money..not saying its not an issue...but its not really an issue for me. So at least in that aspect im feeling good
  14. ok ok..well i have all my hotel and airline and passport items that match the dates of the pics. i will ask for all future hotels to add him for sure
  15. he owns a car, and we stay at a boutique hotels that i book ahead of time. they never ask for his name or ID...not all inclusives I have tons of pics, etc. we are at the same boutique hotel for new years, i could ask the owner to add him if you think thats helpful?