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  1. I am from MA...he got here Jun 8. We applied for SSN on June 14 (less than a week) and it came in the mail no problems end of June. Plenty of time to then go apply for a marriage license (3 day waiting period) and to get married.
  2. Well...I wouldn’t say that! Ha But am grateful
  3. UPDATE: JULY 16th needs ds160, passport, proof of payment and copy of funeral flier more to come
  4. embassy just called me. 1. they are lifting the computer glitch so i can pay fee and schedule appointment 2. she is comfirming the following: a. its just an appointment and dont need to bring anything but the visa b. if he should bring proof of death information c. if he needs prior paperwork ill let you know after she calls me back
  5. that is what the process is supposed to be. the funeral WAS saturday which is why he flew to it we are in the 90day window we have until Sep 8 and in MA it is 3 days only waiting period
  6. our 90 day expires Sept 8th....so please good vibes. from what i read...he SHOULD get a new interview date, then he pleads his case and gets approved/denied....but still get married withn 90 days if approved my stomach is knots...who wants to do this 2x???? ahha please put good vibes for us
  7. i talked to embassy...they gave me an email to send...and the lady was going to grab it now i gave her all the information including old and new ds160 fingers crossed!!!!
  8. the embassy is having me call back in an hour because the person was not in yet. question though....when it says "using the information in the original petion, and the new ds-160, create a new case in NIV and adjut the validity date" what do they mean create a new case in NIV? how do i do that piece??
  9. We have all that. I’m calling embassy today We are in the 90 day window still
  10. do you know if the embassy (jamaica) will want all the documentation again (proof of income, etc) or it should be all valid still? I did put an email into the embassy..nothing yet
  11. Should it mimic the old or answer the questions about ever been in USA etc now as yes?
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