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  1. keeping hope alive....saw on a different FB page a couple more green cards given without interviews.. not seeing any rhyme or reason...but fingers crossed for all
  2. im in boston too...about a week behind you in filing...fingers crossed...and GOOD LUCK to you Write a review after please
  3. i used the wrong term as i am in AOS and its all about financials....haha...i meant the income requirements, and that is what i sent the tax transcripts, etc...they want to make sure the person wont be a burden on the government and can be supported by the petitoner...which by the way, in my case...took almost a full year to get the work authorization card and still waiting for GC interview...so that extra person bills and no extra income can be ROUGH
  4. were you schedueled then cancelled due to covid? or is this the first time getting that? been waiting since March 4, but never had the initial interview date
  5. agree with many on here. We also did 2 letters of intent (one from him, one for us) and we detailed out our plans. Each signed our own letters For you I would include the words about the courthouse plans we also included engagement pics but kept our packet very minimum For financial support, that is the key (IMHO) as they want to make sure not a burden. I sent 3 years of Tax Transcripts (its free and online to print so why not), 6 months of paystubs, and a letter from my company stating my job title, my salary, when i started, and that i was full time good luck!
  6. he cant get drivers license yet or real ID because registry is closed due to COVID...but yes i think we will bring both. Just present combo card to TSA then? if they ask passport he has it
  7. really stupid question...now that we have combo card, when we travel domestically, does he still bring passport or just the card? or both?
  8. same....looks like they are ticking off us december filers
  9. today is the day USCIS is opening up again (slowly)...keep us posted from those who have been waiting for reschedule interviews, and interviews to be scheduled. Lets hope to see a fast and upward trend from here
  10. december 26 accepted my AOS. been waiting since March 4: case is ready to be scheduled for interview...so hopefully SOOOOOON after they open again
  11. we are LITERALLY the same timeline...now lets get interview!
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