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  1. Just dropping a Hi to all the new December filers. I am back from my New Years trip to see my man and just booked a trip in March. Hoping that having something to look forward to will help pass the time. Positive vibes to all! Kim
  2. fluffykim

    Divorce Paperwork Question...

    Interesting topic and I have not received my NOA2 or RFE yet so dont know MY income....however in state of Mass in USA there is a 90day period from when the divorce is "granted" until it is official. So the official date is 90days out and that comes with a one pager that says "final approved divorce"...this is seperate and different than the 45 page divorce decree (lots of assets and children, etc) that was submitted and approved. I did NOT send in the 45 pages, just the Final Decree as that is a stand alone paper not part of the 45 pages I will see if thats good enough when the time comes. Fingers crossed
  3. Makes sense. I filed In December and my letter says May. ✅
  4. Oh really? Where do you find that?
  5. fingers crossed and good vibes into the universe for you
  6. Sarge...i noticed you are past your date for NOA2...any updates? Do you take action or are just being patient?
  7. same...waiting for my paper. but my check was cashed and i got the text. nope..we can keep each other company with our impatience and waiting good luck to all and WELCOME
  8. FACTS....agreed! i know for me i was happy to know i was "in the pipeline" for the waiting period, and the happiness is now over as i sit and wait again
  9. Agree, for me its exactly what you said, i do not have any date on the NEW site but shows my case number and my petition is received and nothing for me to do at this time. but i do have a text message. I dont have my paper yet, should be here soooon. however,
  10. Not sure that it really matters, but I sent exactly as it states on the website for US Postal Service: USCIS PO Box 660151 Dallas, TX 75266
  11. You should update your timeline in your profile so people can see your journey steps. If you click on mine, you can see it. Its very helpful/useful to see how long others are taking too Fingers crossed, should be soon. Good vibes our there for you. its the holiday season, lots of mail flowing out there
  12. Sent on Monday 12/3, text message sent on Friday 12/7 (NOA1) received. check cashed Monday 12/10
  13. Any update? I got the text message Friday and My check cleared Monday. I have not not received my paper confirm in mail yet though.
  14. fluffykim


    You, your information
  15. fluffykim

    K1 Visa November

    I filed and got my text receipt with my case number on Friday 12/6. We can watch this journey together...good luck to you both