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  1. Meaning did you send alot of proof of ongoing relationship with the initial I-129f petition like Pictures, call log, text message, gift receipts etc @Abbey B
  2. Congratulations on your approval! Did you guys front load your petition? @Abbey B
  3. Form I-134 affidavit of support expired 11/30/2018. Will this be an issue for an upcoming interview?
  4. Thanks for responding @AbenaKofi I check my case status and it says in transit. It has been in transit since 11/13. I will try to call them... Not sure if I will get far but I will try.
  5. My case has been in transit for 13 days from NVC to embassy.. Can someone let me know if I should go ahead and email the embassy? Is it too soon to email the embassy regarding my case? I have noticed that the consulate receives many cases within a week from NVC.. Ghana members can someone please fill me in on this one. Thanks in advance.
  6. Good morning VJ family, Would it be too soon to email the consulate about my case if it has been in transit for 13 days now? I've notice that some cases for Ghana embassy being received in less than a week. Also is there any P3 information floating around? If so can someone send a link? Thanks in advance.
  7. Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center. <------ Did you get this message? I thought we schedule our own appointment. I'm happy and confused at the same time LOL.
  8. Good morning guys when creating an account on UStraveldocs what value are they looking for? beneficiary is in Ghana Mailing City: You must enter a value Mailing State: You must enter a value Mailing Postal Code: You must enter a value
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