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  1. Congratulations honey on the arrival of both. We have the same interview date. We storm Lagos Received my interview this morning. 7th August. Cc April 29th. Lagos embassy
  2. I for say. Join our whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/FzycLyIU1QGJkjSRZqrugm
  3. Please which category are you because they're done with March for some categories
  4. CC April 29th. No interview date yet. We have a whatsapp group for those waiting. Lagos embassy is fustrating
  5. The waiting is long there. We have a whatsapp group. You will be the one to schedule your appointment date
  6. Trump and his wahala. How is life over there jare, hope you have started work?
  7. You will deliver safely. Just praying we hear from them soon. Are you in our whatsapp group?
  8. Ghana una own better. Congratulations to you all. April Cc's are still waiting for interview for Nigeria embassy
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