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  1. I have depression and was diagnosed with social anxiety in the past and it was noted on my medical form for the US Embassy. Currently on medication for the depression as well. I had no issues with USCIS but I would imagine it is a case by case basis. I defiantly agree with JFH that you should marry each other because you want to and love each other. Otherwise, you might run the risk of immigration fraud.
  2. Called USCIS yesterday and they told me my Social Security Card won't be released until I get my EAD card. Looks like the wait time is 7 months as I applied for the new card in July, and according to my timeline my EAD with be approved in February of 2020.
  3. SAVE told me the case has been send to SSA Headquarters in Maryland.
  4. No I haven't changed my name. K1 visa is due to expire in October.
  5. Hi, So I applied for my replacement Social Security Card. I previously had a Social Number and Card from my previous J1 Visa, however I lost that card. I applied for a new card at the Social Security office. I was initially told it would take one month. I returned to the office after the first month to be told that the information on my I-94 doesn't match the information with Social Security. I contacted USCIS and they told me their was no immigration hold on my card and their was no issue with my I-94. Eventually, it became a blame game between Social Security and USCIS. I returned a second time to Social Security after the first month and they told me I'd done all on my part and that they are waiting on immigration to SAVE verify me. They said that immigration have been dragging their feet as of late. They told me to return in two weeks if I hadn't received it in the mail by then. I returned to the Social office to the same response, their is still an immigration hold on my card. It's now been six weeks and still no card. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I've filed for my AOS, so do I have to wait for that to clear before I get my new card? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. We had gotten an EVL for the I-131 for the embassy in Dublin but they didn't need them. I have six months of paychecks and the last three years of tax returns. So they are dated April and I printed my pay stubs from February to August. I make more than the poverty line I didn't know if I needed a recent dated letter. EVL shows current salary.
  7. Hi, We are preparing our AOS paperwork now. I just have a quick question. They never took my employment letters for his interview in Dublin. Can I still submit the same one if they have never saw the first ones I got in preparation? They are dated April but nothing has changed (since I am salary). I also got all the letters from the bank but they never looked at those either. Thank you in advance!!!
  8. Hi, I have a quick query about filing this form with the AOS package. I completed all of my required vaccinations outside the U.S. and I have the original DS-3025. On the form instructions it states to fill out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. Do I need a civil surgeon to complete parts 4 to 9 or can I submit the form with parts 1 and 2 filled with the DS-3025 attached?
  9. Hi, I will be filing my I-131 form soon and I know that they only allow you to travel under certain circumstances , i.e death of a family member or urgent reasons. My fiancée and I are having our wedding ceremony in Ireland next year, and I was wondering is that a valid reason for them to accept my I-131?
  10. You were correct. It wasn't even questioned in my interview and I was approved with no major hiccups. Thanks for the info, it was much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I have just recently received my packet from the consulate in Ireland and they are requesting the following be on the police cert: 1. Your name exactly as it appears on your birth cert. 2. Any middle names you have My birth cert contains my forename and surname as does my police cert and my passport. However, I have used my fore, middle and surname on the I-129F when my fiancée filed it. I'm wondering will this be an issue with the consulate? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I saw it on the USCIS website I think. That's one less thing to do so. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have seen conflicting accounts that a police certificate from the US is not required as the immigration authorites will automatically conduct a background check on applicants. If so do I need to get one? I lived in the US for a year so I am assuming that one is needed? I already have obtained one from the Irish authorities. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  14. My girlfriend and I are thinking of having our friends officiate our wedding. I know you can be easily ordained in MA and you need to apply for a one day designation certificate, which is also easy to get. My question is would the immigration authorities allow this and recognise it as a legal marriage ceremony? Or do we have to marry in city hall for it to be a legally binding marriage?
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