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  1. My NOA2 is also October 15th and NVC returned our case to USCIS on November 16th. Still no news...
  2. NVC returned our case to USCIS. USCIS doesnt have any information in there system yet since it was returned last week and NVC didnt tell me why. No idea what to do or what to think...
  3. Can someone please explain me why our case missed 2 shipment periods? Am i missing something? Do i need to do something? Case was received on November 8th and number was assigned on next day but It's still sitting in NVC.
  4. Still at NVC. Looks like our case will miss another shipping week. What possibly can go wrong?
  5. Or is it possible they didn't update case status?
  6. Just tracked package going to US Embassy in Georgia, but i'm not sure if that's our case or someone else's. Visa Status check shows at NVC.
  7. NVC received our case yesterday, number was assigned today. I'm hoping they will send our case to embassy next week, but for some reason i'm not so optimistic about this...
  8. Greenbaum, do you have packet 3 from Tbilisi consulate by any chance? Can we complete medical before consulate receives case?
  9. just called and they haven't received case yet
  10. By the way, our NOA2 date is October 12th and i called NVC today they didn't receive our case yet...
  11. I know you guys posted about biweekly shipments but I was reading this forum and didn't see anything about mid October shipment, that's why i asked. Also was wondering how upcoming holidays will affect on this. Anyway, thanks a lot.
  12. When will be the next shipment from NVC to embassies? End of november?
  13. I'm little confused, is there vaccination requirement for K1 visa?