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  1. yes, you can expedite the case on the behalf of your petitioner has serious medical emergency and you need to be there. Someone did expedite from india and approved and has done interview within 1 month after approval of expedite case from nvc. you need to send email to nvc by expedite email. Expedite email has specific email NVCExpedite@state.gov please double check the email address. I am not sure email address is right or wrong. Thanks
  2. Which dates of your DQ and IL ? One of my friend DQ on 19th Nov. No IL. I got DQ just on 17th April. Thanks
  3. Unfortunately, your approval was too fast and only it tooks only 2 years and 4 months you have to minus from your actual age that 2 years and 4 months. You will be like 28 years and 8 months around. It should be less than 21 years of age when PD current in chart A. Hope it helps. But please double check to make sure. Thanks
  4. Did you inquiry about your petition ?because one of my friend is waiting for approval his PD June, 2015 . Thanks
  5. Hi Hope you are fine. Congratulations for your PD current in chart B. Dont wait for 3 months. You can call when you get current that is 1st March, 2020. All you need just case no. and invoice no. they give you over the phone. Most of them doing that way and start the process as soon as possible no need for further waiting for Welcom letter in the mail by the time you get WL in the mail you get Documentarily qualified (take 2 months) and you are ready for interview. Hope it helps. Thanks
  6. Your name fatima ? I mean your name look like your parents belongs to Asia right.? Thanks
  7. As you said you got approved so I would say call nvc they will give you your case no. and invoice no. Over the phone. So you can proceed online by using those two nos. After login you can pay your fees firsr after 1 to 3 days then you can allow to submit the documents. You dont need to wait WL (welcome letter consists of case no. and invoice no.). Because your PD already current in chart B that is for WL. Hope it helps. Thanks
  8. I haven't submitted yet asked documents. I got review in 5 weeks but some got review in 3 weeks and some still waiting since 7 weeks. Which country you belongs to ? Thanks
  9. Where are you in canada or india now? What is your status in canada? Thanks. Mine pd 23rd October, 2014 and got WL and submitted documents waiting for DQ. I am having work permit in Canada but I am in back home country now. If I move back to Canada then its ok. Please keep in touch Thanks
  10. Ohh woowww you are so closed with me mine pd 23rd October 2014 and submitted documents and got reply they asked more documents waiting for DQ now. Thanks
  11. Great , you already current in both chart A and chart B. You have to call nvc they give you invoice no. and case no. over the phone dont wait for welcome letter in the mail. After then submitted documents online by log in at consular electronic application center. Hope it helps. Thanks
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