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  1. Welp found my answer so I’ll post it here to help others. The NVC notifies you by email when your case has left. Takes 2 days to get to Santo Domingo but you need to confirm this by doing a status search on the NVC site. Once it says “ready” then you have to go to www.usatraveldocs.com/do/do-iv-visaapplyinfo.asp this is where you will be able to apply for the visa (the DS-160) pay the fee and schedule your appointments ( one for fingerprints and the other for the interview) AFTER you have created an account and updated your profile. You will need to complete the DS160 first so you can get your application number (AA00XXXX). If you’re like me and there are children involved you will need to complete a DS-160 for each child (and pay the fee $265 each applicant) but this is easy once you finish the primary (or first DS160) it will ask to start a family application or another application. Both options will already have the information filled in from the first ds-160 so it takes less time if most of the information is going to be the same on each ds160. I had had to figure this out the frustrating way and it cost us 2 weeks of time because we thought they would have sent us something telling us what to do so we waited. They did say something in the NVC letter but it’s very generic and applies to the immigrant visa process and the K1 is not considered an immigrant visa so they send you down the wrong path. That process is a little bit different. Did it all today and now we are good to go with the 2 appointments. We have the VAC appointment for Monday 4/22/2019 and the interview for 5/16/19. Now we need to gather medical police record etc then we will be good to go. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello all. I’ve searched for what I’m about to ask and had trouble finding my answer here. Our case arrived at the Santa Domingo embassy from the NVC on 4/4/19 and I thought for some reason we would get another letter from the NVC with instructions on how to proceed so we waited. It wasn’t until I noticed another couples timeline that I’m following was update with an interview date and I was ahead of him up till that point but both our cases arrived at the same time. Needless to say I was wondering if there was something we should be doing. Two weeks later (today) we decided to fill out the DS-160 online and was successful in doing so but again the confirmation page said nothing about what to do next. What should we be doing at this time? We would like to move on to setting up the interview date but don’t know where to go to do it. Does anyone here have experience with the Dominican Republic specifically? It seems every consulate has a different way to pay visa fees and schedule appointments. Your help is appreciated. Also so my fiancé has a child that will be traveling with her and I listed her in the appropriate sections of the ds 160 but I thought every immigrant needed to fill out a seperate ds 160. Is this true? Do we need to fill one out for her 7 year old daughter as well??
  3. I’m pretty sure you will need it for her I-485 adjustment of status that you will file after you’re married. It’s part of the I-485 application form not the K1.
  4. Thanks! Yes I received it in the mail yesterday. I haven’t checked on either site. The notice said the NVC will notify me by mail when they’ve sent it to the embassy.
  5. Applied 10/15/18 and got NOA2 Approval 2/12/2019. Now we wait some more but very pleased it only took 109 days to approve. NVC arrival and departure next.
  6. Following, I also have a petiion for my fiance in SD, DR.  Please give any advice you have as you go through the process.  Still waiting on my NOA2.

    1. EzBrzy321


      Hi. Sure I would be happy to help. Ours was approved faster than the norm and we are pleased. My fiance has a 6 year old and one of the things we are aware of that we will need soon is a parental authorization signed by the child's father and written by a lawyer. Cost is about $126US if that helps. Any questions feel free to ask. I'll update my timeline as I can to help you and others. Good luck!

  7. Update: just pulled NOA1 from my mailbox today 10/26/2018 with receipt date of 10/15/2018. Yay!
  8. Thanks for responding. Believe it or not it was very difficult to get an answer on this I even emailed the embassy with no response. Luckily i did give my email and Hers on the application. Much appreciated!
  9. Hello all, I have just recently filed the I-129F for my fiance and I would like to know the story with mailing addresses in the country. It seems they don't have a reliable postal service so my question is how will my fiance receive communication from the embassy? She says they normally go to DHL to pick up letters and packages but we did not put any DHL forwarding addresses on the application form. Is this going to be a problem? Also...where she lives is very undesirable in Santiago. She lives in a Barrio that I can't stand because it's dangerous for her and her child with lots of gangsters and wreck-less motorcycle riders whizzing by her front door (literally and she's also been robbed at gunpoint). I have told her to search for a little bit better area to live since we may be waiting up to 1 year. This would also be cost effective because I wouldn't have to spend money on AirBnb apartments when in country I could just stay with her and donate to the rent instead. Is this a good idea to move after we have filed with her current address? Can we change her address on the application if we need to? Any advice on these issues is kindly appreciated. She's been living there almost a year and doesn't have to move otherwise. This is all me wanting her to move for safety (a young man got shot a few nights ago in front of the apartment and would have been ran over by a car if she didn't run out there). Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello All I'm mew to this site. This thread inspired me to sign up instead of just lurking in the shadows lol. I have sent my 129F petition for my Dominican fiance on 10/05/2018 and they cashed my check on 10/12/2018. That is all I have for now. Haven't received the first Notice Of Action as yet but I'm expecting it to arrive soon. I feel pretty good about the paperwork we submitted. We covered everything on their checklist. This forum along with DR1 was also a huge help researching how and what to send before we submitted it all. I hope this process takes less than a year!
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