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  1. Thanks y’all for your feedback. We ended up booking a straight flight of their home town and postpone the vacation to later. Found cheap tickets for vacation and thought could do it now but later is fine too.
  2. Thank you! Can they go to port of entry in Hawaii, vacation there for a week, then fly to their new home town in a different state? It’s not a different poe for transit flight but for a vacation first.
  3. Does anyone know if approved parents can use any port of entry when arriving in the US? Can they use a Hawaii port of entry and vacation there for a week before they fly to their new home town in a different state? Also, do they use the green card holder wait line at the airport or tourist wait line?
  4. My parents brought both copies and originals to be on the safe side and interview was smooth sailing.
  5. Hi all, my parents visa got approved by the consulate abroad and they are now ready to come to the US. Can they use any port of entry or does it have to be the port of entry of their new home town? They would like to do a one week vacation in a different state first before they fly to their new home town. Also, when arriving at a port of entry, do they use the green card holder waiting line or tourist waiting line?
  6. Congrats!!!!! How did you guys prove her health insurance/ Trump’s new public charge rule?
  7. Congrats, very nice! Things are finally moving! Website won’t update soon but you’ll receive mails and next for NVC.
  8. Got approval in the mail! Online status not updated but visa petition has been approved!!
  9. If it’s 8 months, it should be soon If it’s 8 months, it should be soon (June/ July).
  10. Nice! I’m also Texas Center and filed for my parents in Germany. Hopefully will hear back soon too! Also field I-130 alone and no I-485 as parents are there and not here now.
  11. Wow congratulations guys seems like it’s slowly moving. Hope my stuff gets approved soon too!
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