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  1. Hi all We just got our interview date March 26! Cc feb 1 hope everyone hears some good news soon!
  2. I know the wait is difficult but it’s taking nvc about 7-8 weeks from the day they receive it to assign a case number. Hang in there!
  3. Glad to see someone else from Canada with dates close to mine. I haven’t seen many on the forum recently. I’m in Ontario what about you?
  4. Hi! cc feb 1 pd April 23 Was hoping for a March interview but I don’t think that’ll happen
  5. They count from the first day you submit. We submitted most things together but we forgot to submit 1 other document so we did it 4 days later and all documents were reviewed together 2 weeks from the date of the first ones submitted.
  6. I don’t think it matters as long as you got the email saying you’re in line for an interview. Mine also still says paid and I got cc feb. 1
  7. We didn’t submit anything from 2018 and they didn’t ask for it. We did submit w2 for 2017 and tax transcript. I guess it all depends on the person reviewing the documents because I too saw some who were asked to submit 2018. Hopefully that’s not the case for you! When did you submit your documents?
  8. Cc feb 1 hoping for a March Interview but doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen Montreal consulate
  9. just received case complete email!!! Submitted Jan 18 cc feb 1 Now we wait for interview at Montreal
  10. Hey yes our lawyer uploaded my birth certificate the original and translated on one PDF and it was accepted!
  11. I got a hard copy as well as an email!
  12. Patience..but I know it’s so hard sometimes!! Hopefully we hear some good news soon 🙂 take care!
  13. Yeah I saw that member too! Idk how they process things it seems to be pretty random at times I originally submitted on Jan 4th lol but my husband was missing some moving expense form so we had to resubmit on the 18th. Let’s keep in touch since we have similar timelines!
  14. Hey! We uploaded on Jan 18th also still waiting