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  1. ya thats what I thought Im from B.C in Surrey. I guess maybe ill just get the fingerprint one too just to be safe!! May I ask what certificate you specifically asked for when getting yours? Did you just say you need the fingerprint certificate for a USA CR-1 visa? Do they do the fingerprints at the rcmp or you have to get on your own?
  2. Hi everyone can someone tell me which kind of Police Certificate is need for the CR-1 visa? The one with fingerprints...the one without fingerprints etc Me and my husband are using a lawyer to file our CR-1 case and we are at the NVC stage. We asked our lawyer which Police certificate I needed (Im the beneficiary, im Canadian living in Canada) and our lawyer and I quote just said "Any certificate". we asked again to be sure and our lawyer said "get any police certificate" So I went to my police station and asked for a police certificate and told them which visa it was for, and explained to them our lawyer said I could get any police certificate. The police station were baffled and said "uhh ya we need to know which specific police certificate you need, its a big deal for immigration purposes. You need to ask your lawyer which specific one you need, one with fingerprints or without etc" and were hesitant to give me a police certificate. I asked our lawyer for the 3rd time to double check which police certificate we need for the cr-1 visa and he said "any" again. I explained to our lawyer what the police department said to me and again our lawyer said "get any" So I went into the police station again and they asked me which one I wanted. They gave me the choice of one without fingerprints that I can walk out with the same day OR one WITH fingerprints that I have to wait weeks-months to get. I ended up getting the one WITHOUT fingerprints and walked out the same day with it, and then mailed and gave it to our lawyer to send off to NVC. Just was confused because the police station was needing to know the specific one but my lawyer said any. Which one are we supposed to get?
  3. you got the fingerprinted one? is that the one we were supposed to get for the cr-1 visa? I just walked into the police dept and got it and walked out the same day, I didnt do fingerprints. My lawyer already sent in everything I hope im not screwed lol
  4. Forgot to say, when our lawyer asked for my police certificate. I asked him "which one?" (because I know theres different kinds). He told us, "doesnt matter get any"....and when I went to my police dept to get my police certificate they asked me which one I needed and I explain "doesnt matter which one, any" and I explained it was for a cr-1 visa to the USA and thats what my lawyer told me to get any certificate. The police dept was like "uh ya no, we need to know which" and were hesistant to give me my police cert. I asked our lawyer again which certificate I needed and he was like "I told you any" and I explained "well no, my police dept here in Canada needs to actually KNOW which one, one with fingerprints, without fingerprints etc..." ahh was frustrating...
  5. Hi everyone Me and my husband are in the middle of our CR-1 visa (currently at the NVC stage waiting to hear back from them to set up our interview). My husband insisted we hire a lawyer to help us with this CR-1 visa, I didnt want to hire one, but I have been to the USA previously (yeaaars ago on a k-1 visa with my EX husband now) and for some reason I thought having a previous k-1 visa might make this cr-1 visa more complicated (I dont know why I just did). So I went along with my husband getting a lawyer. My husband got us a lawyer. I wish I could have been in the USA to help look for one with him (im the beneficiary moving to the USA) because oh my lord our lawyer sucks. 1st problem: > Our lawyer made us fill out a I-130 form (just for the lawyer) and then our lawyer took all the info and filled it in on his own on a different copy to send off. When our lawyer took our info from the I-130 and gave us a copy of what he sent, there was 20+ spelling errors. He would spell my name wrong on every line, our address's , our work info. I dont know how, we literally wrote down everything (and we double checked what we gave him and we had no spelling mistakes) and somehow he managed to have spelling mistakes everywhere 2nd problem: > We gave everything to our Lawyer March 18th (my police cert, tax stuff, paid all fees, everything) to send to NVC since we are at that stage now. Our lawyer said he would send everything that same day March 18th. Our lawyer called us 2 days ago (April 10th) and told us he will send in everything to NVC on April 11th. Umm what? He told us he sent it in 24 days prior and he hasnt even started yet Every since being on VJ ive had multiple people tell us we should have done the filing on our own. I wish I listened to convince my husband otherwise lol curious is any of you had similar issues with a lawyer rant over
  6. sorry just realized now i probably posted in the wrong forum
  7. me and my husband are using a lawyer to file all our cr-1 visa stuff. We submitted everything through our lawyer March 18th (all fee's, police certificate, all forms filled and sent to our lawyer) and we were told everything was sent off to NVC the following day (so the 19th). Our lawyers front desk just called me (im the beneficiary, im the one moving to the USA) and asked me where I lived from "2007-2010" because they needed to know because they forgot to input that information from the DS-260. so...would this mean that they didnt even send everything off to NVC yet if they forgot to input something online for the DS-260 or do you think NVC got it and then asked our lawyer about that "where did I lived from 2007-2010" question? (im asking because our lawyers office is closed, im impatient to wait until tomorrow to call, and asking my husband this over the phone seems to be confusing for him)
  8. Hi everyone Please forgive me if these are ridiculous questions, however im unsure and I dont have and family I can turn to to ask advice on about this. Im more so curious on what you all did and to share your personal experience so I can get some idea. Im currently in the middle of doing the CR-1 visa. Me and my husband are just waiting for NVC to get back to us so we can setup the interview part. Im Canadian living in Canada so when we get approved in the interview (hopefully) and I can finally move to the USA to California (Sanfrancisco), these are some questions im unsure of: 1.) How do I transfer all my money and savings to the USA when I move there? We dont have the same banks in the USA (I use RBC) and im just not sure how to go about bringing all my money to the USA. What did you do? share please? 3.) My goal is to pay off any remaining debt I have in Canada before I move to the USA, however if I dont get it completly paid off before I move, how do I go about doing that and pay it off gradually while im living in the USA? > like can I still pay off my Canadian credit cards online (my only debt is on 2 credit cards) with my new bank account ill have in the USA and it will just convert to Canadian when I pay it online? can you give me an example how you paid off any remaining debt? Thanks! (sorry if these are obvious answers I just dont know exactly how to go about them)
  9. All our fees are paid too, we havent been told to do my medical exam or anything like that yet though
  10. Hi everyone Me and my husband filed our cr-1 visa with a lawyer and we are at the NVC stage. We got our NOA2 back in Dec 18/2018, and just recently (like 2 weeks ago) our lawyer asked for my police certificate so they can start sending stuff in to NVC. Our lawyer asked for my Police certificate/info etc to send to NVC asap. Our lawyer sent in everything where it needs to go yesterday. How long does the NVC stage take (or average) when your at the stage where you send in the police certificate part? > Im asking here because my husband is the one dealing with the lawyer stuff for our visa (my husband is in USA also where our lawyer is, where im residing in Canada) and my husband relays back messages to me where I cant understand him properly when I ask about the visa at this part we are at and what the lawyer told him and it gets confusing > Ive looked at the NVC stage online (like timelines) but im still a little confused, all I know is all our info and my police certificate were sent in yesterday to whereever it needed to be Thank you
  11. Hi everyone me and my husband just got our NOA2 (yay). Im currently filling out the DS-260 form (im the beneficiary) and there are some questions I cant answer and im worried. I can answer all the questions fine the only ones I cant seem to remember/or find in any way because its been so long are these 2 questions focused on past jobs of mine/where ive lived: "who was your supervisor at this job?" "when did you start and end this job" when did you move in and leave this address?" > For most places I lived I can give exact dates but theres 1-2 places ive lived at where I only remember the year and thats it > I only remember the year when I started and ended some jobs, I cant find the exact date or month. Will I be ok if I just put the year? Ive looked through all my job history paperwork Ive kept to find the answer to that and I cant > I dont remember some of my supervisors names its been so long, I cant find paperwork that old and some of these places ive worked at have shut down permanently. if anyone knows if this will be a huge issue or not please let me know, i dont know what to do
  12. Me and my husband filed for our CR-1 visa months ago, we are 6 months into filing and just waiting for our NOA2 now. My husband (petitioner) hired a lawyer to do the filing for us and he filed and did everything with the lawyer on his own. My husband ended up letting the lawyer file everything and send it all out before telling me the lawyer was sending out all the paperwork to get the process started. I wanted to proofread everything first to make sure everything was correct but my husband let the lawyer send everything out before letting me see. I told my husband to email me a copy of all the paperwork that was sent out so I can look at it and there were alot of spelling mistakes, such as previous addresses ive lived at and zip codes of mine (hence why I wanted to proofread everything before it was sent out). Is this going to cause us to get a RFE? Also, I told my husband to send in photos of us, messages between us, plane tickets etc as proof of bonafide marriage and he barely gave anything. He didnt give any convos of us AT ALL, all he gave was a couple of extremly poorly printed pictures of us and a few plane tickets thats it. However the lawyer said we had alot of proof and we would be fine.....but my husband barely sent anything as proof so that leaves me confused. I have also seen on this site that we should have "Living Wills, favouring each of you, bank accounts, Credit Cards, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance" as proof of a bonafide marriage and we dont have any of that yet. our lawyer says if we were to get a RFE it would have happend already (the lawyer says after 90 days RFE's arent sent), since we are already 6 months into filing waiting for our NOA2. But to me I feel otherwise. I feel like our case is going to get complicated given barely any evidence and spelling mistakes on paperwork etc. what do you think? im agitated over it
  13. hi everyone me and my husband filed for our cr-1 visa this past june, just waiting for our NOA2 now my husband who petitioned for me took upon himself to hire a lawyer to help us with the filing. Just now talking to my husband over the phone, he told me he never even sent any chatlogs of our relationship with our visa application to show a bonafide marriage. all he sent to show a bonafide marriage were like 3 pics of us together and all our plane tickets and our marriage certificate and thats it. The lawyer he hired told him thats more then enough that we needed to send. I dont feel that way, Im in shock my husband sent zero chat logs, I would assume thats an important part to send and I was under the impression he sent chatlogs, I even asked him to. Will this be an issue you think? I feel it definatly will be or a RFE which I dont want...
  14. Hi everyone Me and my husband are about 3 months into our CR-1 visa filing, my husband came and visited me last month here in Canada and now ide like to go visit him in the USA. I havent been to the USA since filing our CR-1 visa which was 3 months ago and I just bought plane tickets to go visit him next month for 6 days My question is: What do I need to bring to the airport on my way to the USA to show I have intent on coming back to Canada? Ive been told I need proof that im coming back to Canada if I want to visit him again while our CR-1 is pending. But I dont know exactly what to bring. *I am self employed, so I cant get a letter from my employer saying I work at "company" and plan on coming back to my job *I also dont get receipts from my apartment rent to show to airport customs, my rent is just automatically taken out of my bank account each month
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