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  1. does this effect cr-1 visas?? I was supposed to have my interview in montreal April 24 for my cr1 visa and now this ban...
  2. I was supposed to have my CR-1 interview April 24. It got cancelled because of covid. this immigration/greencard ban applies to us that were just at the interview stage? Or applies to new people starting a petition to get to USA???
  3. I had an interview at the Montreal embassy April 24/2020 for my cr1 visa got an email today saying it was cancelled and that when they are resuming interview again they will let me know. Its all up in the air
  4. we were DQ Dec 13/2019 we just got an email march 5th giving us our interview date for April 24 for our cr1 visa!
  5. hi everyone I have my cr1 interview coming up, if I get approved I have a question regarding bringing my personal items to the USA I plan on flying from where I live (Canada) to the USA when I move there. My husband is going to fly up here and help me with my luggage to move and we are going to fly back to the USA once im approved (assuming im approved) I am selling most of my belongings and im only bringing to the USA: (besides some clothes) a TON of books (like an entire 2 large suitcases of books) a bunch of movies my xbox and ps4 consoles I will not be bringing anything else obviously I wont be renting a uhaul or anything like that as its not worth it for the amount im bringing. I also dont want to ship my items as it seems complicated (ive read that I have to go wait for my visa to be approved then go to the USA first and THEN come back to Canada to ship my items which is something I dont want to do). I just dont want to ship in general so its out of the question. My overall question is: Can I just get 4 large suitcases, fill them all up as much as I can with my books, movies, my xbox/ps4 and clothing and take it all on the plane with me when I go? I want to bring my stuff with me at the same time as I fly. My husband will handle 2 of the suitcases and ill handle the other 2. if I am allowed to do that, will I have to fill out any customs forms for any of that? Do I have to pay fees bringing my personal belongings? Do my belongings have to be in boxes or can they be in my suitcases? anything I should know? can I just pack it all in my suitcase and nothing to worry about? an example is, I want to fill up 2 large suitcases with just books, the other 2 suitcases a mix of clothes and movies and my xbox/ps4 consoles. Thats how I would ideally like to bring my stuff. Is that going to be an issue at the airport you think?
  6. hi everyone I have my visa interview April 24th coming up for CR-1 visa. Im a little concerned with shipping my items to the USA (assuming if I am approved for my visa at the interview that is). I am in Canada and I dont have much im bringing with me when I move to USA to be with my husband (no furniture or big items). Pretty much all im bringing is a bunch of books/movies and just a couple of little things, primarily books im bringing though as I have many I dont want to part with. I was thinking of starting to ship some of my books/movies to my husbands address in the USA starting now I read on some other topics on here that you cant mail your stuff until AFTER you moved to the USA....which makes zero sense to me what would be the best way to mail books/movies? I was just going to do it through Canada Post any advice would be great, thank you
  7. Hi there Me and my husband are currently in the middle of the CR-1 visa. Our case was completed at NVC Dec 13/2019 so we are just waiting to hear back for my interview date. My question is, if im approved at my interview, how long do I have to move to the USA? (Im canadian and my interview will be in Montreal if that matters) I read somewhere you have 60 days to go once your visa was issued, but then I read somewhere else that its 6 months. So im left confused and asking now We have already been waiting over 2 months since approved by NVC. And I read it takes 2-6 months to get an interview at Montreal. If it does take up to 6 months then we would have my interview around in June (Ide assume, just estimating) and Im just concerned because I dont want to move until the end of August (due to finishing some school courses) and want to make sure what the time limit is to go to the USA after getting the visa approved is all (if im approved that is)
  8. we finally got DQ dec 13 here, we had to resubmit Nov 14 (a proper police certificate was needed) we had been stuck at nvc since april with constant resubmit notifications. so glad to finally here some progress 🙌
  9. Thank you very much!!! just curious I was wondering if you got an interview date yet??? I remember talking to you briefly months ago in my messages on here about that
  10. Can anyone tell me how long it took for you to get your police certificate with the fingerprints? I just got mine done today and they told me it can be up to 120 days. Just was wondering how long it took some of you to get yours. Im from Canada B.C also when I got my police certificate done today with the fingerprints (got both done at a rcmp office all at once), I got it under the privacy act and showed the desk clerk what exactly it says online on the immigration website what I needed. She took my photo aswell for the certificate. I thought we were only supposed to give NVC a police certificate with fingerprints and not a photo with it? was the clerk supposed to take my photo too?
  11. I feel you, me and my husband have been stuck at NVC since April 11, all because our lawyer keeps constantly sending in the wrong stuff or the uploading the wrong way to NVC. We are on our 4th resubmission now because of that. We are about to fire our lawyer, we feel we are getting nowhere because our lawyer isnt doing there job so we feel we paid them for nothing and wasted our money. Just hold on, you will hear good news soon, I hope we all will who have been waiting a very long time
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